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If you were fine when you applied for coverage then had some problems but no diagnoses can your insurance say you had a pre-existing condition?


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2015-07-15 19:44:24
2015-07-15 19:44:24

They can try and say that, but as far as I know the burden of proof is on them. If you told the truth on the application - they will have to pay.

You might have a condition that the insurance company thinks a reasonalble person would have known that they had.


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It might and it might not. It depends on what scope of coverage you purchased and if it was a preexisting condition or not.Contact your insurer or your insurance agent for clarification of your coverage.

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If the pregnancy began before the first date of coverage - yes it is preexisting.

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Yes, if it was known prior to coverage. If you have had continuous insurance since the genetic condition was known and there was no lapse in coverage (or the lapse was short enough), care for that condition will be covered by your new insurer, per HIPAA.

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No, preexisting conditions do not apply to prescription coverage. This ended in the beginning of 2014 when Obama's health care plan went into works.

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Gap health insurance can be beneficial if a preexisting condition exists. It is also helpful in the event of emergencies during which for whatever reason health coverage has lapsed.

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