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If you were hit by an uninsured motorcyclist and didn't have comprehensive coverage at the time is there anything you can do to recoup payment from that motorist?



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Accident Options

Your only other option is to file a lawsuit. Hopefully you called the police and the motorcycle rider was either arrested or cited for operating a motor vehicle without insurance. To an extent that's all the police can really do and that is to cite the driver and the DMV will later issue a license suspension for at least one year. So in essence your only other option is to sue the rider, and have the court order them to pay you money. Given that, a lawsuit does not guarantee payment. This is because the person is unemployed, has already too much outstanding debt to pay another one, they are homeless, they work a low paying job so the payments would be very small, or they may simply leave the state, change their name and social secutiry number, and start anew elsewhere. Your other recommended option is to consult a lawyer for legal advice. When the lawsuit does finally happen, hopefully you took photos of the accident scene and that combined with the police report is a probable win for the case.

Did you have Collision coverage

That is what would cover your damages in this case.