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In Ohio, you need to apply for a marriage license at the clerk of courts office. The officiant of the ceremony needs to fill out the license and you need to submit it to the clerk of courts for filing. * If the couple were legally married in Las Vegas they are legally married in Ohio. All US states acknowledge the validity of legal marriages and legal divorces from other states.

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Q: If you were married in Las Vegas and then moved to Ohio would you still be legally married?
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yes he is still legally married but is legally separated

Does a marriage count when you get married but is still married to someone else does the second marriage still legal in Vegas?

The second marriage does not count, in any state. So, no, it is not legal in Vegas. If you married a second time while still legally married to another, you have committed a crime. It is called Bigamy and you are subject to fines, jail or both. You IS in a whole lot of trouble.

How can your husband who is still legally married to you in California get married to another woman in Nevada?

He can not get legally married to anyone until he is legally divorced from you.

You were married then separated for 33 years. Are you still legally married?

Yes, you are still married.

Can you get married in Vegas if you are still married?

No. If you are married you cannot marry another person.

Are you still married legally if husband is dead?


Are you legally married if married to an illegal?

yes you are still married even if it is to an illegal

Are you still married if you are legally separated?

Yes, you are still legally married until the divorce decree is final and signed by the judge in the state in which its been initiated in.

Can you get sole custody if your spouse still legally married has moved out of state?

Most states lean toward Joint Legal Custody with primary residential custody

If you have a separation agreement are you still legally married?


You got married in 1974 and seaperated in 1986 are you still legally married?

please could u at least spell right! separated, legallyand yes they would still be legally married!

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