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A mother has sole rights to her children unless/until a court order is issued giving the father custodial rights. If there is not a custody order from the court the unmarried mother may take the child/children and move whenever, wherever she wants.

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Q: If you were never married to your baby's father do you have the legal right to move to another state without his permission or do you need to get permission from the courts first?
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How can a 16 year old get married without her parents permission?

She can not get married without parents or the courts permission.

Is there anywhere that you can get married at 16 without a parent's permission?

No. In all states you need parental consent or the courts. 18 is the minimum age to marry without permission.

Can noncustodial parent relocate to another state without courts permission?

I think so, however you will need the courts permission for the child to visit you and leave their home state.

Can you get married at 16 without your parents' consent?

No. You have to be 18 for that. In a few states you can get married with the courts permission around that age if you are pregnant or have a child.

Can a 16-year-old get married in Florida with out parental consent?

No. A minor can not get married in any state without the parents and/or the courts permission.

Can minors get married in Vegas without parental consent?

No you can not. With consent you can get married at 16 and 17 but under 16 it's only by a courts permission along with parental consent.

Can you get married at any age?

No. The youngest I have found in a state was 14 with the courts permission. But that requires very special circumstances. Anyone below 18 need parental permission and/or the courts consent.

I'm 16 years old my boyfriend is 21 we have a baby girl together ...were can we get married without permission ...please help?

As a minor you will need parental permission or the courts. Laws varies between states.

If you have temporary custody of a minor child are you allowed to relocate to another state with the courts permission?

If the court gives permission yes.

Can a custodial parent leave the state of North Dakota without the noncustodial parents permission?

No the custodial parent has to have either the courts permission or the non-custodians permission.

Can one parent take a child out of state from Teaxs without the other parent's permission?

No, you will need the other parents and the courts permission.

Can you bring your son to Oregon from California if his father has custody?

Not without his fathers and the courts permission.

Can a 14-year-old live with a relative without parental permission?

Not without the courts involved.

What 3 states are you allowed to get married at age 16 with out parental permission?

None of them. in some you can get by with courts consent if you are pregnant.

What state can a 14 year old get married with one parents permission?

Nowhere. You would also need courts permission. But I think 15 is the lowest when it comes to marriage.

Can you loose custody of your kids if you move from one coast to the other one?

If without the permission of the parent or the courts.

Can you take the kids to another state if the father pays child support?

If you want to move to another state you will need his and the courts permission.

Can you use hidden voice recorder in the court in Indiana?

Court proceedings are usually not allowed to be taped, photographed or videotaped,without the courts permission. If you do so, without permission, you could be charged with contempt of court.

What is the legal age for engagement in Australia?

you can get engaged at any time you want to, but you cant get married until you are 18. unless you have the permission of a parent or guardian... or the courts, then you can get married from 16

Can you get emancipated with your moms permission without going through the court?

Your mom's permission doesn't negate the need to go through the courts. To be emancipated, it has to be on file, which your mom cannot do.

Can a mother move to another state with baby?

Not if there is a visitation or custody order. She will need the other parent and the courts permission.

Do you need two parents permission to get married?

If you are below 18 you will need one or both parents or guardians consent and in some cases also the courts permission. The laws vary between states.

Can I move from pa with kids and primary custody without my ex's permission?

NO! as a matter of fact it may be deamed a criminal act. You can however try to get the courts permission if your ex is resisting it.

Can you move in with a other family member if you don't like living with your parents?

As a minor you can not move anywhere without their or the courts permission.

Can you move to Indiana if you were never married to the father of your 3yr old son?

If there is a visitation order or you share custody you will need his and the courts permission to move.