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Well with written proof and the incident verified, the insurance company should pay for everything that was damaged.

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Q: If you were not at fault and gave the other party's insurance company an estimate how much more or less will the payment be?
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What do you say to the other partys insurance company if you have no insurance and the accidient is your fault?

Just that, chances are the not at fault driver carries uninsured motorists coverage to protect them from these instances. But this will not make you any less liable for the damage you caused. If the not at-fault driver's insurance company pays for the damage you caused, you can expect them to sue you to recover for damages that you are liable for. If you do not have any assets and are unable to make payment, a judge can have your future wages garnished to repay the insurance company. Depending on the extent of the damages and the laws in your state you may want to consult a bankruptcy attorney.

If insured hits uninsured and police wrote the report incomplete and now the insured insurance comapny is calling how can we challenge this?

im guessing youre the uninsured. and im geussing youre not at fault. if the other partys insurance company is trying to bully you out of coughing up the green for your damages then contact your insurance ombudsman, they are government run, they are the bosses of all insurace companies..good luck.

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If both parties that are involved in an accident have the same insurance, the party who is responsible for the accident would have to pay. Even if they are on the same insurance plan, it is like both of them paying.

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