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If you ovulate, your period will soon follow. There are kits you can buy at the drug store that can estimate the probability that you're ovulating, but if you haven't started your period yet (it can take a year to return, maybe more after being on Depo for so long) then the kit is useless. So, the return of your period is the best indicator.

2006-08-25 03:27:06
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Q: If you were on Depo for 8.5 years and have been off of it for 10 months how can you tell if you are ovulating?
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You have been on the depo provera shot for 4 years and you just stop taking the depo provera and you have had unprotected sex for the past 5 months will you get pregnant that soon?

it depends if you are ovulating, if you have started to have a normal period then you may get pregnant. however it can take a while for your body to get back to normal. i was on the injection for roughly a year, and it took me approx 8 months to fall pregnant.

Why are your ovaries hurting you have been off depo for 11 months?

If you've been off Depo Provera for 11 months and your ovaries hurt, you are probably about to ovulate.

What does it mean when you've been bleeding for almost 2 months?

On the second dose of depo, you tend to bleed the entire 2 months. It sucks, but its normal on depo. I had it on and off for 3 years and the second dose is always like that.

Does hair loss reverse after stopping Depo-Provera?

i have been on depo just over 3 years and i got off it 6 months ago and still notice hair loss. once depo is fully out of your body it should stop.

Is it possible to get pregnant if you have been on Depo-Provera for one and a half years and have not had a period for over 6 months?

Highly unlikely that you are pregnant as the depo shot is one of the best methods of birth control. If you have not had a period, you should ask your doctor but I do know that it is common with depo users.

What if you were on Depo for 3 yrs got off its been 5 monthes and only 1 period and had unprotected sex could you be pregnant?

you could be. Are you under stress? Are you sure you are ovulating? Those are some other reasons you don't get your period. Also, I was on depo for 6 years, and was not ovulating once I got off it (no period either) (It is a downfall of depo, no period for so long, when you get off it your body can still be outta whack)You should see your doctor they can give you a hormone pill to jump start things for you. Also, depo can take 12 to 18 months to get fully out of your system. When I got off depo and was not getting my period i had sore and swallon nippled and boobs, headaches, nausea, sore lower back and hip pain. All signs of pregnancy, but it was my body going through withdrawl.

When i was on the depo for 9yrs i thought i didnt want anymore children but i do i have stoped having depo now and not had period for 3 months also have been trying for baby but nothing happen why?

It may take as long as 18 months to get pregnant after stopping the Depo injections

How long after stopping the Depo-Provera shot can you start taking it again?

i have been on depo provera for 2 years. after my first shot i did not want to get the shot again . but then after 6 months i started the shot again and have been on the shot since. it is a very effective birth control option.

You were on the depo for 3 and a half years and you have been off for 4 months and you got a positive pregnancy test how accurate can that be?

A positive pregnancy test means that you're pregnant.

You have been on depo for 6 years and you are only 22 years old Is it a bad thing to be on depo for that long at such a young age?

Yes. It can cause osteoperosis at a young age.

What methods of birth control is least expensive and most effective?

The depo prevara shot u get it every three months sooo affective i been using it for 2 years .

If you take depo and must get a shot every 3 months why continue the injection if it takes up to 10 months to get pregnant?

Because you COULD get pregnant after 3 months and 1 day. I got pregnant 2 weeks after stopping the depo and switching to the pill. Everyone is different. I know of women who have been off the shot for years and still havent gotten pregnant.

You have been on the depo shot for almost 2 years but you are not taking your next shot and you were wondering when your period would come?

That is a very individual answer. Because injectable Depo is long acting (used as a Birth Control method, it is given every 12 weeks), there is a certain "accumulation" that occurs overtime. Many women who desire conception after using Depo for 2 years or longer, may expect delay in conception. Professionally, I have seen women who have been on Depo for two years or longer who have been unable to conceive for 18-24 months after the Depo was stopped. Again, this is variable. In addition to delayed conception after using Depo, women need to know about the black box warning for Depo. Depo can have a significant negative impact on a women's bone density. It is recommended that a women take calcium and vitamin D supplements daily while on Depo. It is also advised that after 2 years on Depo, the women take a break from the Depo and use an alternative form of birth control for a 3 month period. A bone density scan to evaluate a woman's bone density after two years on the product is also recommended in order to determine bone health before resuming Depo.

You haven't had a period and its been 2 months since the depo shot expiered?

Not all that uncommon, it can take 3 or more months for a return to fertility.

When will you get pregnant you had your last shot on Nov 8 2006 you are 37 you have been having regular periods and ovulating regularly for 10 months?

Depo shots are to be renewed every 4 months, once four months pass and no secondary shots are administered, the chances of pregnancy drastically increase. If the last shot taken was two years ago, and you are capable of having children, and/or are not using some sort of birth control methods, you are very likely to conceive. Take care and good luck.

Does Zoloft affect Depo-Provera?

I am on the depo shot and have been taking zoloft for years. It doesn't effect anything with the birth control!There are no known drug interactions between Zoloft and Depo Provera.

I have been on depo for 6 years and recently stopped taking it about 3 months ago and the reason for the depo was a treatment for endrometriosis can you get pregnant with no periods yet?

If you happen to time it so that you have intercourse when you ovulate the first time, you may become pregnant before you have a period. Many women are finding it takes 12 to 18 months for fertility to return after using DP.

How long will it take me to get pregnant if I was on depo for a year and been off for 8 months?

You should be able to have kids right now. Eight months is enough time.

Im 15 yrs old and you been on depo for 9 months how long will it take for you to concive?

Clinical answer Up to 18 months... My answer YOUR 15 WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO CONCIEVE?!

Could you be pregnant if you had been on the depo shot for a year and you have been off of it for two months and now you have extremely sore nipples?

I'm not sure that the sore nipples have anything to do with possibly being pregnant.. it prob. has more to do with your hormones changing from being off the depo.. It takes about a year for the depo to get completely out of your system..

What is wrong if you've been off Depo for 14 months and you want to conceive but you haven't had a period yet and your hormone levels are normal?

I would call or go back to my doctor to make sure that it is normal not to have a period for 14 months after being off depo.

What are the chances of being pregnant if you have been off the depo shot for a month and only took one week of birth control pills and had unprotected sex 5 times?

all women are different. I was on it two years with not one period. I tried for six months after stopping the depo and finally went to the Dr. the had me do 3 months of birth control to regulate myself. I did get pregnant the first month off of birth control though. did you have a period during your depo?

Can you be pregnant if your stomach is hard and you have all pregnancy signs but been on depo shot for past 4 years and have not been on it for the past 4 mnths?

Yes, if you've had sex without birth control for four months, you could be pregnant.

Does zithromax affect Depo-Provera? living proof and i am mad...been on depo for 2 years havent had a period for 2 years and then today i take the first 2 pills of the zpack and bam! by that same night period cameZithromax does not affect Depo Provera.No, Zithromax does not affect Depo Provera.

Is it all right for you to not have periods while on the Depo Shots?

I've been on depo for a year 1/2..yes it is okay for you to stop having normal periods after starting the depo shot. although you might have cramping and spotting after three months when its time for your next shot.