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Yes, shoot at a piece of wood from 20 ft and then pretend that's your leg. its not going to penetrate far but yes its going to be a bi*ch to pull out the slug

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If you were shot from 10 meters away by a c02 air pistol with a pellet that travels at 380fps with a full c02 bulb in it would it stick in you if not really hurt?

Yes it would hurt and depending on your clothing it may or may not penetrate your skin.

What do nuclear scientist call a stick of uranium?

A fuel rod or fuel pellet

How do you get the second pistol in Stick Arena's Xgen Arena?

you can't

Where can you find information on a Winchester mod 353 single shot pellet pistol?

Beginning in 2001 Winchester label air guns and rifles were made in Spain & Turkey for Daisy airgun company. The 353 came in .177 and .22 caliber models. It is rated at 378 FPS. 2.75 lbs, blue finish, composite stick.

Why does a stick appear to bend in water?

Because light travels faster in air than in water.

How do you shoot BB from an air pellet gun?

You Don't. Shooting BB's in a pellet gun that is not designed for it will ruin the rifling in the barrel. Some airguns are designed to shoot both BB's and pellets. But if the Owners manual calls for pellets and says nothing about BB's then stick with pellets.

How do you push a hockey ball?

Place the stick near to or touching the ball, then extend the arms and stick so that the ball travels smoothly along the ground in the direction you want it to.

Is Excel gum vegetarian?

Yes.Apart from Extra Polar Ice stick gum and Juicy Fruit pellet gum, all Wrigley gums are animal product free.

What tools do policemen have?

police officers carry with them at all times a pistol (varies on brand) or tazer, flash light, knife, 2 extra magazines for their pistol, hand cuffs with key, radio, knight stick, and a shot gun in the cruiser.

What can 400 fps go through?

It depends on what you are shooting. If it's a BB then it might stick in a 1/8 piece of plywood. If it's a pellet it will stick in a 1/8 piece of plywood. depending on how far away you are from the target. The further you are the less chance you will have penetrating the wood.

Can the Taurus pt140 pistol take the same clip as the Taurus 24 7 pistol?

It looks like it may - you would have to try it out because Taurus won't advertise something like that. The 24/7 magazine would stick out of the grip of the PT140, of course.

Where is the headlight relay on a 1995 Ford Escort?

steering columb.... follow the black wire that travels down the headlight/blinker stick to the relay

What item did mahatma gandhi take everywhere he went?

During his travels he always had a staff (Long Stick) with him. He also had the support of the Indian population.

What is the Worlds highest velocity air pistol?

Because your questing is about air pistols and not an air rifles I'll stick to pistols. By the time you read this something new will have come along. New records are set very often. So I'll give you a general idea of one of the highest velocities that I know of. It's the "Evanix Hunting Master AR6." It a Precharg Pneumatic gun (PCP) that fires a .22 cal pellet at 1000 feet per second. You need a scuba tank to charge the pistol. This will give you enough power to fire all 6 shots.

Why does a shark store oil in its livers?

So it can stay warm. Espacaily when it travels. Sometimes you can see them before they stick their fin up.So does that awnser your question?

What is the most powerful weapon in stick rpg 2?

the auto railer 2000 but i think you need directors cut the best gun if not directors cut is the glock pistol

What type of penguin do the Pittsburgh penguins use?

An Emperor penguin is used as there team mascot. The penguin is also holding a hockey stick as he travels down the ice

Does light travel faster or slower when it travels in a medium?

Light travels slower through a medium. Generaly the dencer the medium the slower light travels. Light travels fastest through a vacuum assuming its speed is not being affected by gravity which also affects the speed of light. Examples. A very very thick piece of glass will appear thinner than it actually is and a streight stick will appear to bend if put into water at an angle.

How do you strafe on gta San Andreas?

You have to have a single handed weapon, either a pistol or semi-automatic, and hold L2 or R2, and move the analog stick either left or right.

How does the violin make a noise?

When the bow is stroked across the strings, they vibrate and the sound travels into the f-holes and bounce off against the sound post, which is a wooden stick standing up from floor to ceiling of the inside of the violin. This then travels throughout the inside of the violin, causing vibration.

Why are they called Round Stick magazines they aren't round at all?

"Round" is used in reference to the cartridges they hold, not the magazine itself. A "30 round stick magazine" would be a detachable box magazine (detachable box magazines for submachineguns and other pistol cartridge weapons are often known as "stick" for their appearance, which makes them look more stick-like than the bulkier box magazines used for rifle cartridges) which holds 30 rounds of ammunition.

What is the relation of light distance and lenses?

Light travels in a straight line, as long as it is propagating through a constant medium. In space, space is pretty much empty, so the light travels in a straight line. When light passes into a different medium, such as from space into air or from air into glass, the light is bent or "refracted". You can see this for yourself; poke a straight stick into a pond or pool of water. Look at the stick. The light reflected from the stick to your eye allows you to see the stick, but the light from the part of the stick that's in the water is bent - so it appears as if the stick itself is bent. The light from the stick through the water is refracted differently than the light from the stick through the air. The greater the density of the material, the more the light will be refracted. To magnify light, we need to gather in a lot of light and bend it into a smaller area. We can use curved glass surfaces (or curved mirrors) to bend the light into a smaller area, which magnifies the light. The more dense the glass is, the more the light will be bent into a smaller area.

What grenade travels farther when thrown the Wehrmacht potato masher or the US pineapple?

The stick (on the German stick grenade) provided a lever, significantly improving the throwing distance. The Model 24 (stick grenade) could be thrown approximately 30 to 40 yards, whereas the British Mills bomb (pineapple grenade) could only be thrown about 15 yards. Source: Wikipedia

What is a stick on a stick?

A stick bug on a stick

What is the world's most powerful handgun?

The Pfeifer Zeliska 28mm Revolver is the worlds most powerful handgun but it is also pretty worthless because its too large to use effectively as you would a normal pistol. I would just stick to the Smith & Wesson 500 mag its something you could actually wear on your side like a pistol should be carried.

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