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No, no ticket, no report, no knowledge to insurance company.

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Q: If you were stopped by the police and no ticket was issued does your insurance company find out about it?
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How do you find the name of an insurance company in Connecticut if you only have the insurance code?

ask your police department, they are the ones who issued the code

How much does insurance company cover for breast reduction surgery?

It depends on your insurance company police terms and conditions.

If you borrow your brothers car for one night but you are not insured for that car but he is and he has given you permission to drive his car and if you get stopped by police can they give you points?

It depends on the state and the insurance company.

Do you get a citation if your insurance company finds you at fault for an accident in California?

Not if it happened on private property and generally speaking if you weren't issued a ticket at the scene of the accident you most likely won't get one later. The insurance company can't issue a citation. Only the police can do that.

What do you do if your car was stolen?

Tell the police, tell the insurance company

A driver of a parked car opens door to exit when it is hit by a car that had previously stopped in the middle of the road to let out a passenger who's at fault?

I hope you called the police. Police will come since that occurred on a public street. Was a ticket issued to one party? Without a ticket issued, the insurance company will most likely make it 50-50 responsibility. The car which stopped doesn't have the right to stop there, but you also, should have noticed and not opened the car door so far. It sounds less like the parked car's fault, but insurance companies rule unless you go to court with a lawsuit.

Will an insurance company pay if there was no police report?

Most insurance companies want a police crime report number before a settlement is reached.

My 2002 v twin is missing what can you do?

Contact the police and the insurance company.

What to do when you got car accident?

Call the police and get a police report. Call your insurance company and report it to them asap.

If you are stopped by a police officer you should show these items?

license and registration/insurance car ownership papers

If you don't have the following documents in your car when you are stopped by a police officer your vehicle could be impounded?

registration and insurance

Whose insurance company do we report to if the vehicle that was stolen was borrowed from a friend?

You should report the theft immediately to the police and to the car owner's insurance company.

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