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In New York you can not collect both at the same time. If you can prove, which would be hard without physical evidence, that you were fired due to the injury you can sue the employer. But if you are collecting comp you can file a claim for unemployment but I would wait until the comp is up.

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Q: If you were terminated for not being able do your job after a work accident can you collect unemployment even though you got a workmens comp settlement?
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Can you get workmens compensation if you were fired and getting unemployment benefits?


Can you collect unemployment if you were on workmens compensation?

NO, if you are out with work comp you get paid thru them.

What is the average workmens compensation ankle surgery settlement in the state of Missouri?


Indiana Workmens Compensation What is the maximum settlement amount?

As of July, 2014 the maximum settlement amount for worker's compensation in Indiana is 347,000.00. This is for all compensation.

Can workmens comp settlement be garnish?

In some states they can be, usually for child support liens. Sometimes if the settlement is less than a certain amount, though, it cannot be garnished.

How does workmens comp pay for injury and hospital bills for a car accident?

It doesn't, unless the accident occurred while the person was driving a company owned vehicle and actually working on the job at the time of the accident.

What is the average workmens compensation settlement for a nose injury?

what is average copensation for detached retina and nasal septoplasty surgery fro workers comp

Do you have to pay taxes on a one-time workmens compensation settlement payment?

The IRS says no, but check it out for yourself:

How do I know how much I will receive in worker's comp?


Can you get workmens compensation if you quit?


Do you qualify for workmens comp if your injury is caused by the work you do and not simply an accident?

It depends on the state you live in. If you live in California and the injury occured at work an you then were in an accident yes you can apply for workman comp as long as you reported the injury to the proper personnel the date the injury occured.

If you are driving your car to work and you get into a car accident does workmen's compensation apply?

Workmens comp. only covers work related accidents, you have to actually be doing your job when you are injured to get workmans compensation.

What are the Problems in Enforcing Workmen's Compensation Act?

what are the problems in enforcing workmens' compensation act? what are the problems in enforcing workmens' compensation act?

Is a workmens compensation settlement exempt in Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

All issues pertaining to workman's comprehension insurance are regulated by state law. The exemptions for the state the person lives in, will list the exemption status.

Auto related workmens comp?

Worker's Comp MAY cover an injury from a motor vehicle accident IF the accident is arising from, and in the course and scope of your employment. It will NOT cover an injury sustained while merely commuting to work. However, someone such as a delivery driver that is hurt while delivering, IS covered.

Can you still get workmens comp if you had drugs in your system?


Do you get paid for workmens comp doctor visits?


Can you collect workmens compensation and unemployment at the same time?

Workman Comp and UnemploymentNot in the State of Michigan. Not sure about other states, but I highly doubt you can collect both at the same time anywhere. Addendum:Think about it.... No state in the Union (at least for now) would even entertain a notion of paying unemployment to someone collecting workman's comp insurance. To collect unemployment you must be able to work and looking for work. If you're able to work, you would no longer be covered under Workman's Comp.

How do i detrmine what my workmens comp case pay out should be?

my lawyer said to me the workmens comp ins comp. said to give them a number for my pay out. how do i do this? i live in cali

If your employer does not carry Workmens Comp can you get your own individual policy?

In most states the employer MUST carry Workmens Comp. It's the law. Check with your local wage and hour or whatever it's called in your state. Workmens Comp protects employees while on the job and pays for the medical costs when an accident occurs while at work. On the other hand, if you're talking about health insurance, employers are not required to carry medical policies for employees but many employers do because it is a good way to keep valuable employees from seeking other employment.

Can your employer lay you off if you are on workmens compensation?


Do basketball players get paid when they are injured?

workmens comp

How do you get paperwork started on ex-husband He has a workmens comp case going?

You will need to go back to court and open up your divorce settlement. An attorney should be able to handle this for you. If this is already in your divorce, then you need to inform the court.

Do i need to file income taxes Workmens comp did not send you a1099?

Do i need to file income taxes ,workmens comp did not send me a 1099? I did not file last year 2007 because i asked workmens comp. for a 1099 they did not send i assumed i did not need to file. Can i file both years?

What type of insurance does Workmens sell?

Workmens sells an Insurance that covers the policy holder for injuries or medical conditions caused by their employment which leads them to be unable to work. It provides a salary.