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The responsibility for the act lies with the country of registration of the vessel. Therefore, if you committed a crime on a British registered vessel, then the British Government would have the option of prosecuting you.

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What does 'state' mean?

It is a country or an area inside a country that is self governed. It is also the condition of someone or something at any given time.

What is international relations?

A international relation is something where you have a relationship with someone in a different village, town, country ect.

What can you do if someone is threatening?

Tell someone that will help you, And they will be punished

Definition of international tourist?

someone who travels outside their own country as opposed to domestic tourist (someone who stays in the borders of their own country)

How is someone who sells deadly poison punished in Mantua?

They are punished by the death sentence.

Can someone copy and paste something from the internet and not get punished?

You can copy, but you may get punished if you don't acknowledge your source.

What do you call it when you call someone when they're in a different country?

It is called international calling or an overseas call.

What does it mean to dream about someone being punished?

Dreams are about the dreamer. The "someone" being punished in this dream is yourself, suggesting that you feel a sense of guilt or regret about something you have done or failed to do.

When was suicide punished by death in the UK?

I dont think you could have punished someone who had committed suicide by death, as they were already dead.

What happens if someone breaks a rule?

It depends on what kind of rule was broken and how serious it was. Hopefully they are caught and punished accordingly.

What happen if someone break the international laws?

Generally punishment would be handled in the country in which the infringement occurred.

Definition of scapegoat?

A scapegoat is someone who is punished for the errors of others.

Who can be punished for genocide?

Basically, any person who commits, helps someone else commit, or orders anyone to commit, a Crime Against Humanity to be carried out can be held accountable under international law.

Why should someone be punished for something if it is not necessary?

Someone may need to be punished for something simply to learn a lesson, or to be made aware that they made a mistake so that it isn't repeated in the future.

How do you sue someone internationally?

There are a various ways to sue someone internationally. You can use the embassy in the specific country or go to international courts depending on the nature of your case.

How do a democracy and a dictatorship differ?

In a democracy the country is governed by the populace; if the people are dissatisfied, they can vote a leader out of office and replace him or her with someone else. In a dictatorship, the country is governed by a military ruler, and no matter how the public may feel, the dictator cannot be replaced, since voting is generally not allowed; or if there is a vote, it is a sham and controlled to make sure the dictator wins.

For someone who has dual nationality say country x and country y what will happen if they do something that is a crime in country x but is not a crime in country y while living in country y?

A person with dual citizenship must obey the laws of the current country they are in. They cannot be punished for a crime committed while in a different country. You are only responsible for the law of the land that you are in.

What is the profile of an international tourist?

It refers to a person who travels country to country.I'm not sure there is a profile for an international tourist.The basic:agegenderrace/nationalitygroup type (family, schools, business)Occupation and incomepurpose of the visitlocal/domestic/ international touristThe definition: someone visiting other countries outside his/her own country.

What does it mean if the president pardons someone?

It means that he can not be punished for whatever offense he was pardoned for.

Who is an example of an international tourist?

Someone travelling to another country or region for less than a year, for business, leisure or another reason

Would it make a difference in call cost if you put country code when calling within your country?

If you're talking about using a land-line - then yes ! The network will recognise you've dialled the international access code, and charge you for an international call - even though you're calling someone in the same country as you.

What are International regulations for customer service?

its when someone is international regulations

What crime is a serious crime that is punished by death?

when same one kills someone use

What do kenyan people do when they pray?

Prayer is a word we use to represent a communication or an attempt to communicate with a higher power. It has nothing to do with what country someone comes from. Prayer is frequently governed by religious rules, so the religion of a person is probably what you want to know about to find out how they pray, not their country.

What would happen to someone if they broke a rule or law in Ancient Greece?

they get punished traditional of course