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Depending on Money, If the other party has deep pockets it could take several years and $50 to $ 100 thousand dollars.

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Q: If you were to go to a lawyer tomorrow how long would it take to gain custody of a child who is already in your care?
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Would I have to see a child custody lawyer rather than my regular lawyer concerning child custody issues?

"While a lawyer specializing in child custody would be great, most lawyers are qualified to handle child custody cases."

How does one become a child custody lawyer?

a child custody lawyer is the same thing as a child advocate lawyer sort of. they are just children lawyers that fight for the child that is involved in an issue. so you have to get your degree in child advocate lawyer but you have to major in something, the best thing to major in would be social work or phycology.

Can a person be sue for custody that does not have custody of a child?

Yes, Please contact a lawyer for more information

What is a custody lawyer typically used for?

"A custody lawyer is typically used to help a parent and/or guardian negotiate child placement. When two or more parents disagree on who has the rights to the child, the also lawyer helps with legal issues and matters."

How do you get custody of a child when the parents mistreated the child?

This would be done by filing a lawsuit. Consult your lawyer.

Does an incarcerated convicted felon have any child custody rights in Ga?

Not custody rights but you can have a chance to visitation. Speak to your lawyer.

How do you get full custody of a child when there is an agreement about it?

If the other parent is not willing you have to sue for full custody and have to get a lawyer and go back to court.

How is Child custody lawyers illegal?

Child custody lawyers are not illegal, so you've gotten bad information. You need to get in touch with a custody lawyer and have them explain the inner workings of the justice system to you.

What are some reasons that someone would need a child custody lawyer?

The most obvious reason an individual may need to hire a child custody lawyer would be if he or she is the parent of a child who wishes to get or maintain custody during a divorce or other legal case. But child advocates who are not parents can also hire a custody attorney to act in the child's best interest - often the court mandates that this be done, depending on the laws of the jurisdiction.

How do you get custody of a child that is not biologically yours but your name is on birth certificate?

You need a lawyer, not this website.

How to find a child custody lawyer?

You can find a lawyer to help with child custody issues in Newport, RI on the following website: Read as many reviews as possible.

Can a Father win custody even if mother is not unfit?

In most cases the father can get custody of the child if the mother is unfit. The courts want the child to be in the custody of the parent who can provide a safe and nurturing life for the child. It is best to seek the legal assistance of a lawyer for custody issues.

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