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You and the baby should be fine. But if this is a normal thing you do a lot, you should get some help so it doesn't continue during pregnancy. It could harm the baby if you are throwing up and not getting any nutrition to the baby. If it was just for those two weeks, you should be fine. Just stop doing it now that you know.

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Q: If you were unaware that you are pregnant and you were self-inducing vomiting during the first 2 weeks of your pregnancy will this harm your baby or cause a miscarriage?
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Are vomiting and nausea significant in all pregnant women?

No. Some women do not have nausea or vomiting during pregnancy.

What type of sickness do you get before you are pregnant?

There is no specific illness you get before you are pregnant. During pregnancy you can get morning sickness, vomiting. Some get Diabetes.

Is Vomiting a day after intercourse and irritable to smells a symptom of pregnancy?

You would have no pregnancy hormones the day after intercourse so you would have no pregnancy symptoms. The nausea and vomiting are probably from a stomach bug. In a month you may find you are pregnant but your current symptoms are not caaused by a pregancy.

What are signs of being pregnant the first month?

Symptoms of pregnancy are:Missed periodTender breastsIncrease in vaginal dischargeHeadachesTirednessNausea or vomiting

Is vomiting and chills common with miscarriage?

Vomiting and chills needs to be reported to your health care practitioner.

What is the medical term meaning vomiting in pregnancy?

Hyperemesis gravidarum is the term for excessive vomiting during pregnancy.

Could you be pregnant if you dont have all the pregnancy signs like nausia or vomiting but you have gas and your boobs hurt?

Yes - take a test

What is extreme vomiting?

The term for it is hyperemesis, excessive vomiting, such as in hyperemesis gravidarum, the excessive vomiting of pregnancy.

Vomiting and diarrhea pregnancy?


What are the first signs pregnancy?


Will vomiting stop a pregnancy?

absolutly not.

Is vomiting bile a sign of pregnancy?


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