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Q: If you won a gift certificate for a full car detailing do you tip the person coming out to clean your car And if so how much?
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Car Detailing Is A Great Gift For Anyone?

If you are looking for the perfect gift for the person who has everything, look no further than car detailing. Everyone loves a clean car, but few people enjoy detailing their car themselves. A gift certificate to a car detailing shop will please anyone. Additionally, if you are on a tight budget, you can do the cleaning yourself. Here are some things to consider if you want to give a friend or loved one the gift of a clean car. Gift Certificate If you are buying a gift certificate for a friend who lives far away, make sure that you buy them a certificate to a car detailing shop in their area. It would be a waste of money to buy them a gift certificate that they cannot use. Just because a store is national does not mean that it is necessarily in your friend’s town. To make the gift certificate a little more fun and personal, consider attaching it to a car air freshener. This little touch will make your gift seem even more special. DIY Car Detailing If you do not have a lot of money to spend on presents but you still want to please someone special in your life, detail their car yourself. All you need is a vacuum cleaner, some window washing solution, and automobile interior cleaner. Plan on spending at least an hour cleaning out the vehicle. Make sure you vacuum thoroughly and if the seats are upholstered, make sure you vacuum those as well. Using a cleaning product for the interior surfaces will help give the car that new car smell once again. Your friend will think of you every time they drive their fresh-smelling and clean car. The Gift That Keeps On Giving For a truly special gift, give someone a year’s worth of car detailing. You could purchase twelve one use gift certificates for car detailing so that the gift recipient can get their car cleaned once per month for the next year. You could also offer to clean the car once a month yourself, although you might get quite sick of the gift you gave by the time the year is over.

What is a Clean bill on record clearance certificate?

A clean bill on record clearance certificate is a certificate of lading. This is a document stating that there are no liens.

What can I expect when taking my car to a car detailing shop?

A car detailing is basically a cleaning of every part of the car except for under the hood( but sometimes the do clean under the hood) The will hand wash and dry the car. They will wax it. Clean and polish the tires. Then they will clean the inside of the car as well.

What is difference between clean and forge Bill of lading --- a clean bill of lading is one that has no clauses detailing problems with the goods covered by the bill of lading.?


Where can one go to clean their car interior?

Mobile Supercar Detailing Ltd is one of the trustworthy company in UK, they deals all kind of car interior, exterior, valeting and detailing services, please visit their website and call them. (

What is car detailing?

A through cleaning inside and out, and I mean Q Tips and toothbrush clean. Runs $100 or more

What detailing equipment is needed to start a car detailing business?

Ok if you are going to start detailing cars yourself you will need good car washing liquid to wash the cars and a towel or mitt that will not scratch the car. You will also need a drying towel, car wax and armor all. To clean the inside you will need a vacuum and perhaps carpet cleaner.

Can you give tips for car detailing, or am I best leaving it to the professionals?

You can check these sites out for car detailing. You can also check out these following sites , and these sites

What is the highest rated brand of auto detailing products?

I am assuming that you are referring to personal rather than commercial products. The highest rated personal detailing products are armorall. They clean the vehicle the best without leaving any unsightly residue or streaking.

What to clean when auto detailing?

you need to clean the upholstery with upholstery cleaner. You need to thouroughly vacum all the carpet and spray and whipe all the glass. Including the dashboard, doors and center console.

What things does a detailing shop do?

A car detailing shop is more intrinsic than someone just giving a washing you car. A detail will include a good hand wash and dry. Hand waxing and a deep interior cleaning. Also the will clean and polish your tires and rims.

What actors and actresses appeared in Coming Clean - 2006?

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What is a clean bill certificate?

Yea, That is the certificate you will need to have your large fund released. Is legal and authentic ... philemon 62yr

Is a clean bill certificate needed for money transfers from Asia legal?

I think this have to do with having fund released. Contact me on and i will tell you more about the Clean-Bill Certificate. I am a free humanitarian lawyer. Philemon 62yrs.

Can a certificate of destruction title be restore to a clean title?

Depends on the state

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What is a anti terrorism certificate and money laundering certificate?

Confirms that a sum of money is CLEAN and not the proceeds of crime, drug trafficking or passing on money that does not belong to you.

Auto Detailing Training?

Auto detailing training does not necessarily need to involve taking classes for lengthy time periods in a classroom setting. In fact, auto detailing training is often taught in on-the-job settings rather than in university classrooms, and these lessons are usually completed in an amount of time that ranges from intensive three day training sessions to six weeks of training. Auto detailing is also taught in schools, however, so persons who prefer to take classes appreciate this less intensive method of learning.Skills that are learned in on-the-job training settingsPersons who want to begin working as auto detailers, without waiting years to finish school, benefit from this type of training. The individual learns many different facets of auto detailing that include prepping the car, cleaning engines so they look new, understanding the right products to use in order to remove specific stains, and the removal of pet hairs. The person is also taught the proper way to clean the interior carpets and upholstery of the car or truck.On-the-job auto detailing also involves learning about how to run a detailing businessSome persons who are ambitious want to start their own auto detailing businesses, and on-the-job training provides this knowledge. Once the student is familiar with the proper ways to detail the car, the business aspects are also taught. The person learns everything about running an auto detailing business, including advertising techniques, how to operate an auto detailing business website, the types of supplies needed and where to buy these supplies for the best prices.People who prefer to take auto detailing classes receive on-the-job training with the supervision of a qualified teacher. The student takes classes and works on detailing cars. A detailing university provides students with certificates and licenses so that they are actually certified detailers by the time they complete their classes. Auto detailing training provides interested persons with opportunities to start new careers. Anyone who is interested in learning more about auto detailing can easily find detailed information online.

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What services are generally included in the cost of car detailing?

A complete car detail will include all or most of these services: Hand wash vehicle, Remove tar & road film, Clean & dress tires & rims, Clean fender wells , Clean windows in & out, Clean & protect dash , Vacuum interior ,Shampoo seats and carpets, Clean vents, Clean & organize trunk, Remove scratches & oxidation from paint, Professional application of car wax.

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Should i clean my room before i go on vacation?

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