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No, it isn't legal for an employer to fire an employee who files BK or has wages garnished, home foreclosure, etc. If the employer does want to terminate the employee they will manage to find another reason even though the real issue is the person's financial situation.

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Q: If you work for a bank is it legal for them to fire you if you declare bankruptcy?
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Can you be employed with a bank after claiming bankruptcy?

Yes you can. There is no legal base for a Bank to fire you for filing bankruptcy..... Filing bankruptcy is not a crime..... I even know people that got hired to work at the Bank after they had filed Chapter 13. I had to file chapter 13 after my divorce and got a raise couple months later at the bank. Not because I filed bankruptcy or because they would have felt sorry for me about getting divorce but because my job performance.

Can you fire your bankruptcy lawyer after you have filed?

Yes, but you will still be billed for his or her legal services. And any possible problems with the bankruptcy will be the petitioner's responsibility.

Can you file bankruptcy if you work for a bank?

I'm not aware of anything in the bankruptcy law that would legally prevent bank employees from filing. If you're worried about the bank firing you over ruining your credit, don't be: The bankruptcy law prohibits ALL employers (banks or otherwise) from taking adverse action against you for filing bankruptcy. In fact, if you're deep in debt it may be to your advantage to file, as it keeps the bank from using your debt to fire you.

If you work for a bank can you file for bankruptcy?

Absolutely...and by law they can NOT fire or take any action against you for doing so.

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Can an employer fire employee for filing bankruptcy?

Absolutely not it has nothing to do with the employer

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Will you get fired from your job if you file for bankruptcy?

No, you can't get fired for filing for bankruptcy because as what federal law prohibits an employer to discriminate against you for declaring personal bankruptcy. In fact, you will probably be happy and relieved to know that your constitutional rights protect you from being fired for filing bankruptcy. Yes, it is a violation of your rights, not to mention a crime to fire someone for filing bankruptcy. So, don't worry your job is safe.

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Can i get in trouble for bankruptcy?

Yes, if you fail to disclose all your assets, including any claims you may have for damages or equitable interests that are not yet "ripe," or if you answer any questions falsely or knowingly provide false information. No, if you mean can anyone fire you or discriminate against you because you filed bankruptcy. In states that allow employers to fire at-will employees for no reason, you can be fired. But if you are fired for filing bankruptcy, you may have a defense. Your credit score will be affected, but if you have to file bankruptcy, it probably is not very good any way.

Can you get fired for filing bankruptcy?

There is no good clear answer. In "at will" employment states, your employer can fire you for no reason or any reason. The Bankruptcy Code provides that debtors cannot be discriminated against for filing bankruptcy, but there are no cases amplifying the meaning of that section in an employment context. The only exception would be where a security clearance or a bond is required for a job, in which case, the bankruptcy would make the person ineligible for the job.

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