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I believe so.


No - even if you work in only one state your State taxable (or gross) income will virtually never equal your Federal taxable (or gross)income. For many reasons. Like State tax is deductible from Federal, but not from itself! Some contributions or types of income too, (like retirement plans, some types of SUI, FICA, etc.), are deductible for one of the taxes, not the other. Etc.

In the multi state sceanario you mention - also consider - if you had income in 3 of which doesn't even have an income tax. Hence, no State Taxable income. The remaining two incomes better not equal your Federal.

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What is another name for withholding?

Taxable incomes

Is federal income tax refunds taxable?

No. Federal tax refunds are not taxable. In some cases, state tax refunds are taxable.

Is workman's compensation taxable Federal and State in Oklahoma?

NO, workman's compenstion is not taxable by federal or state taxes in the state of Oklahoma.

What does not fit taxable mean on a check stub?

Federal Income Tax (FIT) Taxable

Is a rebate taxable income?

None of the federal rebates that you may have received would be taxable.

What are the accounting entries for expenses and incomes in double entry systems?

income with non taxable should put in under which account

Do you have to pay federal taxes?

If you have taxable income, yes.

Is workers compensation settlement taxable income in the state of Kansas?

In the state of Kansas, workmen's compensation benefits are not taxable. They are not taxable on either the state or federal level.

What does ytd fed taxable mean on a check stub?

Year-to-date income that is taxable as federal income tax.

Will Georgia tax your Federal rebate money?

No. Your federal tax is not deductible from your income in determining state taxable income, hence any refund of it isn't included as taxable income.

What is the difference between a reporting entity and a taxable entity?

the difference between a reporting entity and a taxable entity is, a reporting entity is the company or organization and the taxable entity is the individual.

When you file federal taxes what is considered taxable income?


Do you owe taxes on unemployment?

Under current law, unemployment benefits are fully taxable at both the federal and state level.Under current law, unemployment benefits are fully taxable at both the federal and state level.

What is the tax rate in Canada?

What are the income tax rates in Canada for 2010?These are the rates that an individual will use when completing their 2010 income tax and benefit return. The information may change during the year to reflect updates to the law.Federal tax rates for 2010 are:15% on the first $40,970 of taxable income, +22% on the next $40,971 of taxable income (on the portion of taxable income between $40,970 and $81,941), +26% on the next $45,080 of taxable income (on the portion of taxable income between $81,941 and $127,021), +29% of taxable income over $127,021.The chart below reproduces the first calculation that has to be made on Page 2 of Schedule 1 of the tax package to calculate net federal tax. Page 1 is used to calculate federal non-refundable tax credits.Click on the below Related Link

If you paid 765 dollars this year in federal tax payments that were owed for a previous year is this your deductible?

Federal taxes paid or payable, (even if paid in the current year), aren't deductible in calculating your federal taxable income. State income tax payments may be deductible in determining your federal tax taxable income. And refunds received of a prior years State income tax may therefore be included in the current years federal taxable income.

What is a persons taxable income?

Persons taxable income is the taxable income of any individual like owners or anybody in normal life which includes salary income, income from any business in partnership etc.

Are military pensions taxable?

Yes, you pay state and federal taxes on the pension.

Is imputed benefit income taxable?

Yes, imputed benefit income is subject to federal taxation. It is considered Taxable noncash compensation but is not included in gross pay.

Is inheritance from a trust taxable?

YES it is possible that you could receive some taxable income from the trust that you would have to report on your 1040 federal income tax return.

What is taxable income, and where can I find it ?

Taxable income is the income your taxes are based on in your federal and state income tax returns. This website explains it.

What is fit taxable wages?

FIT, or Federal Income Tax, taxable wages are your total wages less deductions. To calculate taxable income, you subtract above the line and below the line deductions as indicated by your tax form.

Are federal unemployment benefits taxable in Georgia?

Yes, according to the related Link below.

What does fit taxable wages mean on a check stub?

Federal Income Tax wages.

Is money inherited from a parent's estate taxable?

No, inheritances are not subject to federal income taxes.

Do you have to claim workers comp on taxes?

Workman's Compensation is not taxable for federal income taxes.