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Assuming the composed work is copyrightable (suffiently new and non-derivative), then the owner of the copyright could be: #the composer #the composer's employer (if done as part of employment) #the patron who paid for the composition (if in writing and one of the types of works that can be "work for hire") #joint with another creative contributor (if intended) #lapsed (if old enough) #transferred (in writing) to anyone (including a patron, employer, joint author, or anyone else), or #reclaimed 40 years after transfer Furthermore, when the performance is recorded, the copyright in the new sound recording could be jointly owned by the performers, the editor, the producer, or their respective employers, among others. There are also artists who practice "copyleft" in which they dedicate the ownership of the work to the public, essentially waiving their right to enforce the protections.

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Q: If you wrote a song and recorded it do you own the copyright?
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Is Through your own eyes copyrighted?

There are many works by that title, but the song by Alice is protected, and recordings of the song are additionally protected: one copyright on the underlying tune, and one copyright on the recorded performance of that tune.

What year did the Beatles receive their copyright?

Each song has its own copyright year.

How can you prove you own the copyright to a song?

Consider formal copyright registration if it is available in your country.

Should a work be registered in order for it to be copyrighted?

No, it should not. If you wrote something, you own the copyright on it. All you need in order to assert that copyright is proof that you wrote something.

What are music copyright laws?

Music is automatically protected by copyright as soon as it is fixed in a tangible medium (notated or recorded). Unless other arrangements were made, the composer/songwriter will be the copyright holder, and the song will be protected for his or her life, plus 50 years in most countries (the US and some others have extended this to 70 years). A recording requires a license from the copyright holder of the underlying song, but then acquires its own protection.

Did Elvis Presley own the song's copyright before he would sing it?


For what album was the song Everything I Own recorded for?

The song Everything I Own was recorded for the album titled Baby, I want you. The song was written by David Gates in the year 1972 for inclusion on the album.

Is 'Superhero' Cher Lloyd's own song?

Superhero is Cher Lloyd's own song and she wrote it herself.

Who wrote you don't own me lyrics?

John Madara and Dave White Tricker wrote the song "You Don't Own Me".

How do you impair song copyright?

You could find your own way and just go with the flow...

Who wrote the song My Own Steps?

T-Pain sang it but someone else wrote it.

How many years after the writer of the Trololo song dies will it take to copyright the song as yours?

If you are not the composer of the song then you can NEVER take the copyright as yours; you would have to purchase it from the copyright owners. Also, when the copyright expires, 50 or more years after the author's death (or after publication, depending upon circumstances and national laws) it is no longer copyrighted at all and nobody can possibly own the copyright.

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