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check out ignition module and crank position sensor. Had something similar happen on a chevy corsica. Ran perfect on day, next morning- nothing. Pour gas in air cleaner while someone is turning the car over, if it attempts to start - then your problem is something else. if nothing happens , you probably have no spark. ig- nition modules usually give warning, but crank pos. sensor can stop working all at once.

if have an ohm meter check resistance of primary coil and secondary coil continuality means faulty coileasiest way to check for spark is to remove a spark plug and leave wire on it, ground plug to engine block and watch for spark, another problem could be ecu/ecm(computer) look for check engine light and go to autozone to get it scanned for free

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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 19:09:19
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Q: If your '92 Toyota Camry was running fine yesterday then when you tried to start it today all it would do is turn over what you should do?
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