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It does seem a little small.

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2006-01-24 04:13:38
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Q: If your 1500 square foot apartment has a total of 100A is that sufficient to allow for new double electric wall ovens?
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What is the average electric bill for a 2 bedroom apartment in Houston?

I have a two bedroom, 900 square foot apartment and I pay about $55 a month with 2 adults and 2 children living there.

What is the average square footage of an apartment?

The average square footage of an apartment depends on the number of rooms and style of the apartment. The square footage ranges between 300 square feet to 1000 square feet.Ê

What is the average cost of an electric bill for a 900 square foot apartment?

When I lived in Florida our bill was about $100 in the winter and $200 in the summer for 1000 square feet. We had all electric appliances (kitchen, water heater, washer/dryer, heating/cooling).

What is the average price of a utility bill in the U.S. for a 2 bedroom apartment?

The average utility bill in the United States, for a 2 bedroom apartment that is about 900 square feet in size, is approximately $58 a month. This can depend on what electric company is being used, and where the apartment is located.

What is a quad apartment?

A quad apartment can refer to one of two things: 1. an apartment meant for four people 2. an apartment that overlooks a square or is part of a builiding that is square in shape with and open area at the center.

How big is an apartment if it is 650 square feet?

650 sq ft equals 60 m2.It is a modet apartment.

Tessa lives in a studio apartment her apartment is 6 meters wide and 9 meters long how many square meters are in tessa's apartment?

6 meters x 9 meters = 45 square meters

What is the average square footage of a 1 bedroom apartment?

The average square footage of a one bedroom apartment is 500 square feet. However, you will find many apartments that are larger, and many that are smaller.

What is the average square footage of a 3 bedroom apartment?

Approximately 1100 square feet

Does the square footage of an apartment include bathroom and closet space?

The square footage of an apartment will usually include bathroom space. When room size is used, closets are not included. When apartment size is figured, the perimeter is measured and these could be included.

What is the average cost for a Franklin square apartment?

Rental cost of Franklin Square apartments will vary depending on location. However, the general range is from about $750 to about $1500 for one-bedrooms apartments and approximately double that for 2-room apartments.

The average size apartment?

847 square feet in 2001 (US)

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