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His parents will be responsible until he turns 18 years of age. By the time you take him to court, he will probably be of age and it will all be on him, financially and morally. * In most instances, no. The parents could not be held legally or financially responsible in such a situation. Generally the court will spindle any support petition until the minor reaches the age of majority and then review the case, at which time it will be decided if support should be ordered and any arrearages assessed. In all US states the father's paternity must be established when it concerns a child born out-of-wedlock before the court will address any other issues.

2006-09-05 17:54:05
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How do you tell your daughter that you are pregnant by her boyfriend?

You tell your daughter that you got pregnant by her boyfriend.

My 17 yr old pregnant daughter moved out of her mothers house and in with her boyfriend. Can I stop paying child support?

No, she is still a child. The parents are still responsible for her.

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Are parents legally responsible for pregnant daughter under 18?

Yes, they are still responsible for their daughter. Once she reaches the age of 18 she is free to go where she wishes.

You are 13 and you boyfriend got you pregnant can you live with your boyfriend?

No you are a minor and not an adult even though you will be a mother. Your parents are responsible for you and now your baby.

Are parents legally responsible for under age pregnant daughter?

In most states, you are responsible for your child until she reaches the age of majority, however, you are NOT responsible for her child.

Is the non custodial parent also responsible for support of his pregnant teen daughter in sc?

His daughter - probably. Her baby, no. see links below

Are you legally responsible for 17 yr old pregnant daughter in Colorado?

You are responsible for your children until they are adults. And in Colorado that is not until they turn 18.

Legal responsibilities for parents of pregnant teen 16 year old daughter is pregnant and refuses to come home or go to school am i responsible?

Unless 16 is the legal age where you are, you are responsible for her unless she gets emancipated.

What if your 16 year old daughter has gotten pregnant from her 18 year old boyfriend what can the parents of the daughter do about it in the state of TN?

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Can your pregnant 16 year old daughter stay with her boyfriend and his family legally?

Only with parental consent. Her parents still have to support her.

If a 13 year old girl gets pregnant by a 15 year old boy in the state of Alabama is the girls parents responsible?

The parents will continue be responsible for their daughter and for her child.

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