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Licensing restrictions are determined by your state legislature. You need to read the drivers manual for your state. People who answer the questions here are from all around the world and many of the laws which govern our states are not applicable to yours.

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If you are 16 and driving can you have other teens in the car with you?

You have to wait 6 months after you get your licence.

How many months can the bank wait to repossess a car?

It usually will take up to 2-3 months, they will call you with several options to see if there is anyway to figure a way for you to stay in the car.

What will happen to you if your car is 6 months behind in payments and you still have possession of the car?

The lender will eventually repossess the car.

What if you have not made a payment for 4 months on your car and you can make future payments on the car can they still take your car?

Yes. Obviously!

If you are 3 months behind on your car payments can you still buy another car and let the other car go into repossession?


What happens if you have not paid your car loan in four months but then you plan on paying the fours months plus late fees in full can they still repossess?

Of Course, they are going to get more money selling the car than that 4 months. Your word means nothing to them, you have to show up with the money and pay, or they are going to repossess. I had my car loan check stolen out of the mail, they were still going to possess even though all of the money in my bank account was gone, they even told me they were following me to take the car (lie) I had to wait until I got paid to pay them.

If someone gets caught in your car with drugs and you wait months to get it how will you get it back?

I don't think they'll buy that one.

What if you received a misdemeanor for not having insurance on your car Is there any way to get that removed from your record?

wait 48 months or so

I was two months behind but still pay a payment every month. can the car still get repossessed?

If they are accepting your payments, they probably won't take your car.

How long for a car title to come in mail?

car title will come when its ready,. DMV's are like fast food resturants,. Hurry up and Wait. im currently still waiting for my title. its been 2 months. penndot just told me that they just processed it.

How many people have died in car accidents?

3-4 months over 500 people dies in car accidents

How long to waite before waxing car after a paint job?

The amount of time to wait before waxing a car after a paint job will vary. This will depend on the type of paint job and the wait period can be between 30 days to 4 months.

Do you still have to make a car payment while you wait for your gap insurance to pay on an auto claim?

You don't have to, but they may take the car back.

What if you hadn't paid in over eight months on your car can you file bankruptcy and keep my car?

Not likely. You will still be required to surrender the vehicle.

How often do people purchase vehicles?

People purchase vehicles every single day. The average person keeps a car they bought new for 71.4 months. They average for a used car they bought is 49.9 months.

Name something you wish people never do in your car?

smoking as it stinks it out for months

Is Lawrence Marshall dealerships in Hempstead Tx still open?

NO IT IS NOT and if it was you do not want to buy a car from them i traded in my car the before they went out of business and they still haven't paid it off 3 months later.

Will it hurt a car if you wait because the abs and traction off light is on?

NO, you will still have conventional brakes, but no ABS or TC.

What is the life span for a car battery?

I've had car batteries last anywhere from 3 years / 10 months ( dead cell ) to my current battery which is 8 years / 3 months and still being used

When can a bank reposess a car?

A bank can repossess a car at any time the loan has defaulted. Many times a bank will wait until a payment is 2 to 3 months behind before repossession.

How long do you have to wait to drive with people in your car after getting your license at 16?

Depends on the state you live in.

How many people can be in the car with a licensed person under 18?

If you have had your license for six months then you can have as many people as you have seatbelts

Did people drive the 1969 dodge chargers in 1997?

People still drive them today! They were (and still are) a popular muscle car.

If your chapter 13 was closed and dismissed and your credit score is excellent can you buy a house or car right away?

Typically you have to wait 2 years to apply of a homesteading loan. But have to wait a minimum of 6 months for an auto loan.

When you are 16 how many people can you have in the car?

you can have one family member and one friend or two friends but no more then three people in the car until 6 months of having your lisence

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