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Check battery first for proper voltage.

If battery is good and your engine will turn over, check for ignition spark through ignition cables to spark plugs.

If you have spark, check for proper fuel pressure.

If battery is good but engine will not crank, suspect either the starter, solenoid, or ignition switch.

If your problem is not caused by one of these, consult a mechanic.

Look to see if the carburetor is working correct, if so try putting some gas down the carburetor, NOT A LOT or you will make the biggest back fire u have ever seen coming out of the carburetor, if you put to much gas in the carburetor step back and try and start it.

Do this after u have tryed the other suggestions from the first post..

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Q: If your 1983 Ford pick-up will not start were do you start trouble shooting?
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