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Q: If your 1984 Corolla is making noises like there are spoons strapped underneath the valve cover what is wrong?
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2009 Toyota Corolla serpentine belt noises?

Tighten it.

What is cricket expressions?

making noises

What is the piano know for?

making noises.

What animal moans?

All of them- if they are making noises that is considered moaning and all animals make noises

I Just got a new hamster and he's making these noises is that normal?

Well, it depends on what kinds of noises he is making. If you can tell me, I may be able to help you.

What causes a bathroom tub shower pipes to shake and make noises when turned on?

They are probably not strapped in the wall. If you have a quick closing faucet, there may be water hammer.

Why is car making squeaky spring noises?

the seat

Why is my mouse making weird noises?

Because there might be a draft so that your mouse will have a cold or the flu. My mouse started making weird noises because she was next to the window.

Why do Yorkshire terrier makes noises?

It could be making "noises" because it could be "crying" in some way for some reason. If you are giving it a hug or stroking it then it could be making noises because it likes you stroking it and making a fuss of it. Or it could be growling or barking at you/somebody else for some reason.

How can you use small noises in a sentence?

The bird began making small noises to distract the cat away from her nest.

What should I do if the new hamster that I just got is making different noises?

Hamsters will make some noises, you make hear squeaks. But if the hamster is making crackling noises as it breathes, he may have an upper respiratory problem and needs to be seen by a vet.

Can humans hear bats making noises?

Young people can hear bats making noises but as they grow up most people lose the ability to hear bat sounds.

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That would be a poltergeist. Poltergeists are thought by some people to be responsible for rapping noises, other unexplained noises and mischievous behavior such as moving items or making them drop to the floor.

Whats wrong when your 1980 Pontiac Phoenix is making noises when you are driving?

This is too general of a question. Please describe the noises.

How do you stop a dog from making gagingnoises?

I Got A Spray Called ''Pet Control'' which Makes A Noise And Stops Them Making Noises!! Bring it to the vet! Why is it making gagging noises? I don't think it is really that humane to spray a dog with something that makes them stop making noises. Just sternly say "no" so your dog loudly so he/she knows you are angry.

How do kangaroos communicate with each other?

by making diffrent noises

What does it mean when birds start making noises?

that they are singing or they are happy:)

Why after hitting a bump your car now makes a loud banging noise coming from underneath?

Muffler loud noises

What begins with n and can be in a haunted house?

The haunted house could contain noises. The noises would be what is making the house appear to be haunted.

Is my guinea pig sick if he is making low noises?

yes, Guinea pigs make low noises to tell that she/he feels sick

Why is the fan is making noises on my 2002 ford expedition?

Bad bearing?

You want to get rid of a frog in the garden that is making noises?

Borrow a shotgun ;-)

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by making noises called bat noise.

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jumping,moving,and making these wierd noises

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they communicate by making a lot of different noises and sounds