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You can remove the thermostat, but you son't want to. That will cause the computer to think that the car has never heated up properly and make it run as if it needs to heat up. This will affect fuel economy, power, and longetivity of the engine. You will be better off fixing your cooling system wherever the problem is. DO NOT REMOVE THERMOSTAT!!!!!!!!!!! the Computer will run in Limp Home Mode forever until its replaced, really bad economy,Worse Performace,will run the cooling fan constantly.

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Q: If your 1994 Mustang is overheating and the radiator may be leaking can you just remove the thermostat?
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Why is your 1994 Toyota Celica overheating?

Blown head gastet, radiator leaking, thermostat needs to be replaced Blown head gastet, radiator leaking, thermostat needs to be replaced

Overheating Kia Sportage?

check thermostat, first, then look for radiator leaks, hoses that might be leaking.

Nissan Altima overheating?

There are numerous reasons why a Nissan Altima will overheat. One such reason is a closed thermostat or the radiator may be leaking.

Why is your car still overheating I have changed my thermostat and flushed the radiator and the car is still overheating?

Either the water pump impeller is loose on it's shaft, or you have a leaking head gasket.

Why is your Jeep Wrangler overheating?

There are many reasons why a Jeep Wrangler is overheating. A leak in the radiator system will cause overheating. Too much pressure in the engine can cause overheating. A bad water pump or thermostat could cause overheating. The transmission can also cause overheating if it is leaking.

1995 Aurora Oldsmobile keeps overheating and you have changed the thermostat and water pump?

If your 1995 Oldsmobile Aurora keeps overheating and the issue is not the thermostat or the water pump, it could be the cooling fan. It might also be the radiator (leaking) or the hoses between the engine and radiator, or the shroud could be clogged or damaged.

What are different causes of car overheating?

Bad radiator fan motor; bad radiator fan relay; clogged radiator; thermostat stuck closed; loose belt; bad water pump; hoses leaking;

What are the signs of a cracked radiator?

Leaking and overheating from lack of pressure.

Why is Yamaha banshee overheating and leaking fluid from overflow?

bad radiator cap

Why is a 1994 Honda Accord LS overheating and leaking antifreeze?


Could the radiator be the cause of overheating on a 1996 impala?

Yes, a restricted or leaking radiator can cause the engine to overheat.

What do you check if your water is leaking out your car and running hot?

Thermostat and radiator

Toyota Celica vvti no hot air engine overheating?

If the Toyota Celica VVTI is not blowing hot air through the heater, but the engine is overheating, there could be a problem with the radiator being plugged up. Sediment sometimes builds up in the radiator that can clog thermostats. Another problem might be the thermostat sticking or the water pump is leaking.

Why is my 2001 Ford Focus overheating every time I stop when the coolant is full and not leaking?

Your thermostat is sticking in the closed position,it is usually located where the top radiator hose connects to the engine. Very inexpensive item

Where is the radiator fluid leaking from?

looks like a sensor or thermostat going into engine block

MY car a 2003 dodge neon sometimes over heating is it because its leaking transmission in the radiator?

If it is leaking trans fluid into the coolant it can cause overheating.

1997 Monte Carlo overheating only leaking coolant through reserve Replaced thermostat radiator water pump and intake gasket Hopefully not too costly Just replaced tranny before overheating started?

can the gasket go bad behind the water pump houseing

2002 mustang GT Overheats quickly and smokes Radiator and hoses full of sludge Have replaced water pump radiator and thermostat?

You either have a cracked block, blown head gasket, or intake manifold gasket leaking coolant into the engine oil. You have bad problems.

You used water in your leaking radiator for 2 monthscan this damage the thermostat in a caravan 2002?

Running it while leaking can cause it to overheat repeatedly, which can cause thermostat damage , along with other problems.

How do you know if your car needs a new thermostat?

If your radiator isnt leaking and car is having a over heating problem and coolant spewing out. Chances are your thermostat needs replaced. possible the radiator needs to be flushed. But more likley its thermostat

What happens if you have a cracked radiator?

you are most likely leaking coolant and if your car should be overheating in a short period of time.

2000 durango 5.2 liter keeps overheating and thermostat?

is it leaking anywhere? Can you be more specific other than overheating. I had the same problem 2 weeks ago. I fixed it.

You have overheating with thermostat out and you are not losing any coolant water pump not leaking and is circulating fine?

pluged cooling fins in and on the radiador

How would you know whether water pump or thermostat is the cause of overheating?

generally, water pumps leak when defective but still pump water. could be thermostat, plugged radiator, loose belt, low coolant answer if pump is not leaking, get engine to running temp and remove radiator cap look in to see if water is circulating if water is circulating it is not the pump i would change thrmostat then check radiator cap

What if your 2002 sebring is leaking antifreeze and overheating why?

It is leaking and overheating because a part has failed.