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If your 1997 Ford Taurus makes a loud noise when you let off the gas in Park could it be the timing chain?

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βˆ™ 2011-09-12 22:08:33

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Hello, my suggestion would be just opening the hood when the noise goes on. Try to locate where the noise comes from. I have similar problem with my Taurus 2000 SE. It occasionally makes the noise somewhere under the hood. I sent the car to pep boys today. they were not able to locate the noise because it was quiet . so i have to wait until the noise goes up again and open the hood and see.

2011-09-12 22:08:33
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Q: If your 1997 Ford Taurus makes a loud noise when you let off the gas in Park could it be the timing chain?
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Does a 2002 silverado 5.3L V8 have a timing belt or chain?

Has no belt,, It has a timing chain and gears. Trust me here, Whatever problem that you are having that makes you ask this question. The problemWON'T BE THE CHAIN AND GEARS.

When replacing timing chain on 2004 2.2 Chevy does?

Your question really makes no sense. Normally a timing chain will last the life of the engine as replaced when the engine is rebuilt.

Is there a technical service bulletin for the timing chain on a 96 Chevy cavalier that makes noise? Could be the timing tensioner about to break. Really sucks when that happens because there is absolutely no room to work on the timing while the motor is in the car. But, it can be done.

Do 2011 Toyota corolla have timing belt or chain?

A chain. The only engine Toyota makes anymore with a timing belt is the V8 engines in the Trucks, Tunda and Sequoia and 4Runner

How can you tell if your timing chain is bad on a suzik hayabusa?

You can tell a timing chain is bad when your engine makes a sharp washboard-like sound that increases in intensity when the engine's RPMs increase.

Can the timing chain shut of the my astro van when it's running?

Your question makes no sense.

Does a 1990 300SL have a timing chain or a belt?

The 129R with the 6 cylinder engine - the 300SL - has a timing chain. Please note also that Mercedes Benz makes a modified tensioner(s) to correct a problem with the chain rubbing on the cover.

Is there a timing belt in a Mercedes 200clk 2005?

There is not a timing belt in the Mercedes 200clk. It has a timing chain instead. The difference is it does not need changing as often and makes a louder sound.

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What makes a 1978 Monte Carlo spit from the carburetor and not start?

Probably distributor cap, ignition timing, timing chain/cam timing or burned exhaust valve(s). Pick one.

Does a Honda civic type r have a timing belt or a chain?

Currently the only engine that Honda makes that has a timing chain is the 2.4L 4 cylinder, remember 2.4 displacement only. any other engine Honda makes has a belt which needs replacement every 60,000 miles

Is it the ECM or timing chain that makes the timing right on a 1998 Nissan Frontier 2.4?

its the ecm i had a 99 frontier same motor and all still have the repair manuel for it

What makes a car backfire?

bad ignition timing is correct. The timing gears may have slipped, and if the timing system uses a belt instead of a chain then the belt could have worn. The timing systen keeps the intake, exhaust and cyclinder pistons all in time so the engine will fire correctly. If the belt or chain slips even just a small amount, then the valves let gas in or out before or after the piston is at the point where the cylinder shout fire the spark plug. If the belt or chain slip far enough the engine will not fire at all. Bad ignition timing or fuel getting to the exhaust.

How do you tighten the timing chain when its to loose?

Timing chains have an automatic tensioner. If it is loose enough to skip timing or makes a noticeable noise you are probably going to have to replace it. Even chains stretch with use. By the way, changing a timing chain is not all that difficult but, if you don't know what you are doing you can completely destroy an engines valve train if it is not done properly.

Does 2007 Toyota Corolla have a timin belt or chain?

A chain. The only engine Toyota makes anymore with a timing belt is the V8 engines in the Trucks, Tunda and Sequoia and 4Runner

How do you know if your timing chain on a 1996 Jeep is bad?

If the crank turns when you try to start the engine, the chain is likely broken. If the chain makes a slapping noise with the engine running it's possibly stretched. Otherwise, it should be OK.

Does a 2009 Toyota corolla have a timing belt?

No. 10th Gereration, 2009 Corollas S, CE. LE Trims have the the 1.8Liter 2ZR FE with a timing chain. The XRS Trim has a 2.4 Liter 2AZ FE, still with a chain. The only engine Toyota makes anymore with a timing belt is the V8 in the Tundra, Sequoia and 4Runner

How do you tell if timing chain needs changed?

Timing chains usually do not need to be changed until an engine needs to be overhauled. You may need to change it if it makes a weird noise, other than that you should be fine.

What makes a fuel gauge on a 2000 Ford Taurus not work?

its proabley the float located inside the gas tank...could be stuck

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At how many miles should a timing belt be changed on a 2001 Nissan Sentra?

NeverIt does not have a timing belt! It has a timing chain, and no maintenance is necessary.I have a 97 sentra ga16DE engine and the timing chain shouldn't need any help BUT if you hear rattling or something similar to a chain being dragged over a steal plate coming from the front of your engine (were the belts alternator pumps all are located) then you need to have the chain looked at possible replaced, though it is more likely that you just wore out the pads on the tensioners and that needs replacing. The tensioners should only get wear if you have very dirty oil, no oil..., or the car has around 200-300k miles on itSimple answer when it makes noise that it normally doesn't, you can tell a lot about an engine by the noises it makes.

When my car is cold it makes a squeaky noise when you accelerate what does this mean?

It could mean one of your timing belts are loose

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How many hours does it take to change a timing chain on a 2002 Ford Explorer V8?

Makes me wonder if this is a common problem on Ford Exploders. My '02 Explorer V-8 with 46,000 miles needs a timing chain too. My mechanic is telling me it is a 6.5 hour job. If parts have dropped into the oil pan, add 3.1 hours.