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If your 1997 suburban 4x4 with a 4l60e transmission won't shift above 2nd gear does it need a solenoid?

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Is your fluid brown instead of red? and does it smell burnt? If so, you probabily need a new 3-4 clutch pack. I had the same problem with the same tranny (also 4WD), after replacing these clutches on 5/30/05 the problem was solved.

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How do you tell the difference between 700R4 and 4L60E?

on the right side of the transmission above the pan is an electrical connector on the 4L60E and on the 700R4 there is a cable. this cable is the downshift cable which controls shift points which are electronic on the 4L60E

Where do the modulator valve and transmission solenoid go in a Lumina van's transmission?

The modulator is located just above the starter on the side of the transmission, it has a vacuum hose attached to it. The solenoid is located in the transmission, you have to remove the transmission pan to remove it.

Will a auto transmission out of a 97 trans am v6 fit in a 94 firebird v8 auto transmissin if not what will fit?

yesAnswerSurely it will NOT. 94 V8 Automatic needs 94-97 V8 Transmission from Camaro, Firebird or Caprice (4L60E). AnswerFor you above me.. the v6 and v8 share a 4L60E transmission... YES they will fit. The auto is kept in check by the rear gear... The 4L60E is nothing more than a 4L60E

Transmission shift solenoid where is it and how can you replace it?

A transmission shift solenoid is found inside the transmission housing. Replacing the unit depends on the vehicle, some allow access underneath the car while others the solenoids can be reach from above the transmission.

Where is the purge solenoid on 2003 SRT 4?

Sits behind the transmission above the steering rack.

Why would a car solenoid leak oil?

A solenoid is a component that controls a great many different things on a car.If you have one inside the transmission leaking, this one is supposed to seal or release a system in side the transmission and the seal portion can go bad.If we are talking about the starter solenoid, it has no oil to leak. If it looks like it is then we have 1 of two problems.The solenoid has gotten much to hot and the insulation inside has melted, separated and dripped out.There is something above it leaking and dripping on it.

Where is the Shift A solenoid on Chevy Z71 1997?

It is located above the pan in the transmission. There are two identical solenoids located beside one another, Solenoid A and Solenoid B, and if I remember correctly from when I changed mine out it is located toward the front of the transmission. They are small, rectangle shaped and are both held in with clips. I didn't know which was which, so I just replaced them both while I was at it. They run around $20 apiece at your local auto parts store.

What sensor left side above transmission oil pan dodge truck 1500?

Depending on what year/engine/transmission you have the driver side of the case has plugs for the neutral safety switch, input and output speed sensors and the solenoid harness.

What would cause a 1991 Buick Century to die but start right back up only to die when you put it back in gear and after sitting will run normal?

This condition sounds like the transmission locking solenoid is bad. Condition is similar to having a frozen clutch except this is an automatic. To test, unplug the the wire connector to the solenoid on the transmission. If the problem clears up, then the solenoid is bad and not the tranny. You can drive it with the solenoid unpluged with only a minor impact to fuel economy at higher speeds (above 40 mph).

Where is the shift solenoid located on a 1995 Nissan Altima GXE?

drop the pan, then the valve body, the solenoid is above that

Where is the location of the transmission linear solenoid assembly for Honda CR-V?

The transmission linear solenoid assembly for the 2000 Honda CR-V is under the car/SUV. It is near the front wheel on the passenger side.1. Crouch down in the front of the 2000 Honda CR-V until you're near the ground level. Now look at the passenger front tire facing you. Next, look across in a direct line until your eyesight intersects the engine area. You should be able to see the A/B solenoid (which is under a metal housing cap) and the linear solenoid is slightly to the right (when looking at it from the front of the car) and above the metal housing cap.2. One more thing, as a reminder, the A/B solenoid leaks transmission fluid when you remove it. However, the linear solenoid does not leak any fluid at all when removed.

Where in the solenoid located at in a 1998 Mitsubishi Galant?

Looking at the motor it is right behind the Exhaust. The Exhaust is above and below the starter and solenoid.

Where is the 2-3 shift solenoid located on a ford ranger 4speed auto transmission2000ford ranger location of transmission 2-3 shift solenoid?

I could be wrong but what it sounds like to me is what is called the servo covers located just above the trans pan on the right hand side

Where is the transmission drain plug for a 93 dodge Dakota?

passenger side - above transmission pan- towards front of transmission- should be directly above exhaust pipe

Where is the location of crank sensor on 2001 8.1 liter Chevy suburban?

On back of engine right above the transmission bell housing on the driver's side. It has one bolt with a 10mm head that holds it in. It is a three wire sensor.

Where is starter solenoid for 93 Ford Tempo?

Usually, the solenoid is mounted on the firewall just above the battery. It has to screw ends and bolts sticking out of it. There is a thin wire that runs from the solenoid to the positive (red) side of the battery.

How can you find out what transmission is in your 1998 Chevrolet Silverado with a 5.7L Vortec engine?

call a parts store or dealer with the VIN off door or windshield....one of the letters in # is trans code It is either stamped into the housing or is on a metal tag, on the right side of the transmission, just above the pan New answer: If it is a 1/2 ton. Then it has a 4L60E trans. If it is a 3/4 ton. Then it is a 4L80E trans.

Where is the transmission filter located on a 1994 Saturn sl1?

Inside the transmission, just above the transmission oil pan.

Where does the transmission fluid filter go in a 95 Lincoln town car?

Inside the transmission, above the transmission pan.

Where can you find a diagram of a 4L60E transmission?

I don't know of any online. Even most service manuals don't deal with the transmission. A service manual form a dealership specially for that style of tranmission MIGHT be bought at a dealer, but your looking at $150 EASILY, and that's if they will sell them to the general public. What is wrong with the tranny? Most problems not fixed by fixing the vacuum accumulator, downshift cable and fluid and filter change, is not readily serviceable. (In correction to the above statement. There is no vacuum modulator or tv cable on the 4l60e. you can also find an atsg 4l60e manual all over the internet, ebay and parts stores for about 30 bucks.it can also be downloaded instantly in pdf form from atsg.com As well as other publications. The atsg Is the most widely used by rebuild techs. And the fluid and filter is easily done in the 4l60e. ) Depending on what diagram you are looking for, as there are many. You will be able to find many answers to the 4l60e at helpwrench.com or search Google.com for [ 4l60e rebuild pictures ] Or { twistedwrench 4l60e } great write up on it. If you actually need the manual, it would be in the "Factory Repair Manual", you may find parts of it or tips on the internet. But, if you actually need the manual,;"AutomotiveRepairManuals.biz", is the best source I know of. I have bought many manuals from them , & have been 100% satisfied.

Where is the transmission filter located on the 1993 Chrysler Concord?

On the bottom of the transmission, above the pan.

How to check fluid for Clutch 1997 Mazda protege?

the part of the transmission where the fluid goes is on the drivers side part of the transmission. its right above the transmission temperature sensor and its the biggest bolt head right above the transmission temp sensor

Where is the ac drain on 2006 Chrysler 300?

The condensation drain is centered above the transmission, behind the heat shields.The condensation drain is centered above the transmission, behind the heat shields.

Where is evap purge solenoid 06 Colorado?

Above the spare tire towards the fuel tanl

Where is the blower motor on a 93 Chevy Suburban?

Wright above the passengers feet under dash.

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