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Are you saying the shifter will not physically go into reverse? Your question seems to contridict itself. (you probably do not need a tranny overhaul). Clarify your question and symptoms and if there is particular times this happens such as engine warm or cold, outside temperature Etc.

First assumption: you have an automatic. Second assumption: other ranges work. So forgive this answer if it doesn't help you (might help others). There is a recall if your problems indicate the selector is out of whack.

Just a dummy check but, if it is a 5 speed, in order to put the car into reverse you need to lift the manual lock on the gear shift lever itself prior to attempting to engage reverse.


I think I have your same problem, I have a 99 Ford Contour se with automatic shifter will physically go into reverse and seems to engage, but the car won't back up it just acts like it is in nuteral. it does not matter if the car is warm or cold and outside temp doesnt affect. I am learning to park where i don't have to back out as all other gears work fine, so is this a transmission issue, or ??? any idea greatly appreciated as my car has just shy of 170k miles on her and tranny replacement is a bit spendy


I recently had a problem similar to this in my '95 Ford Contour about 2 months ago. How is your transmission fluid? Have you checked? I always knew that I had a seal leak, so, my tranny fluid was draining a bit more than usual. I ignored it for a little bit, because that's a pain in the butt to fix. Eventually, the bearing inside the transmission holding the CV shaft in place, as well as the intake shaft seal, had completely blown. It's an easy fix, but, very bothersome. My car would start, it would go into gear, but, I could not reverse at all, and it would not drive. I slammed on the gas just to see, she would rev up to 5000 rpms, and just jolt. So, there are other possibilities, I'm just giving you a little advice. ^_^ As you have said, it does act like it's in neutral, so, just give the seal a look-about, as well as the bearing itself. If you aren't a mechanic, bring it to your closest Mister Transmission. It should cost around $150.00 to look at it, but, most car shops won't touch the vehicle if it has anything to do with the transmission. Don't let them tell you the transmission is blown. A seal is a $25 part, and the bearing? Pfftt....maybe around $40? Not even?

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Q: If your 1998 Ford Contour will not go into reverse and when in reverse car behaves like it is in neutral does your tranny have to be overhauled or is there a cheaper solution?
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