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I once had this problem with another car I found out it was the ground wire of the car which is placed beside the motor on the left side. Replace it and it should fix our lights.

Check the pins inside the female connector. If you accidentally bent one over you may just need to straighten it out and plug the bulb back in.

on the ABS and brake light staying on, the float in the master cylinder could be stuck in one position, I had this on my 2000 caravan and that is what the problem was. .

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What could be the problem if only the brights work?

could be headlight fuse or headlight switch.

What could be the problem if a buick park avenue steering shakes while braking?

Warped brake rotor. Have the rotors removed and trued or replaced. Replace the brake pads at the same time.

Why does my Kia Optima vibrate when you brake?

Brake vibration is usually caused by the brake rotors being warped. The rotors must be machined or replaced to correct the problem. if you can feel it in the steering then the drums are or rear rotor could be warped

Brake lights do not work all the time replaced brake light switch?

If you have the same bulb for brake and signal, brake light power needs to be interrupted by the signal lights, The brake circuit has to go through the signal light switch so the problem could be there.

Headlight keep flashing on your 1989 crown vic?

could be the the headlight switch, dimmer switch, headlight relay, or a problem with the wiring

Stiff brake pedal and had the master cylinder abs replaced what could this be?

Check engine vacuum and power brake vacuum booster. If the brakes work but just require extra effort to stop, it's a brake boost problem.

What could be wrong if brake lights are out on your 2001 beetle?

Check the brake light switch. This can cause the brake lights to go out. There have been a couple of recalls on the 2001 for this exact problem. Contact your local VW dealer and have the switch replaced.

How do you fix your brake lights when they won't turn off?

Probably a brake light switch problem. May be able to adjust, or may need to replace. I just replaced the brake light switch in my 1998 Mazda Protege LX and the problem came back. I believe the cruise control could be shorting out the brake light switch.

Why does my Brake light and ABS light come on?

First, check your brake fluid. That won't hurt anything. I don't have extensive knowledge on ABS, but I do know that the owners manual in your glove box says that this is an indication of a problem and to go see a dealer. P.S. If your brake fluid was low then that could be an indication that your brakes are due to be replaced. That could solve your problem, too.

Headlights don't come on in a 1997 lumina?

If the headlights are not coming on in a 1997 Lumina, it could be a problem with the headlight switch. It could also be a fuse or the headlight relay.

Why do I hear my blinkers going off when I don't have them on and then when I depress my brake the sound stops but when I let off the brake the blinkers sound again?

The problem could be that your flasher switch is going out. I had the same problem on my 99 blazer. It sounded like a bee buzzing in my dashboard. Had the switch replaced and problem was gone. Hope this helps.

1988 Toyota Corolla and theres a brake problem what could that be?

Please explain in detail what the brake problem is. This will help us help you.

What could cause a headlight to be too dim?

Run a ground wire to that headlight. If it gets brighter, there is a problem with the ground in the wiring harness.

Your 2001 Beetle will not shift out of park when you depress the brake pedal What could be wrong?

could be a brake switch problem My daughter has a 2000 Beetle and she's had this happen twice. We just found out there is a recall on the brakeswitch that causes this to happen. There have been a couple of recalls to the brake switch. You may want to contact your local dealer and have it replaced.

Why does only lights on dash that works is check engine light and brake light work on a 1991 blazer?

i have the same problem i replaced the coolant temp sensor to get my check engine light to go off but it could be a number of things the brake light means you have a problem with the brake system but i have hared that the light sticks and is a common problem with blazers in the late eighties and early nineties models

Honda Odyssey parking brake light stay on?

2 things could be the problem. If the "Brake" light is on that usually comes on when you set the parking brake then it could be the brake fluid is low. Check that. If it is the "Brake Lamp" light then check your brake lights. 1 of them could be out.

Replaced headlite bulb still not working whats next?

There could be a switch that has gone bad in the headlight. The entire assembly will more then likely need to be replaced.

On 1987 Corvette why will headlight not go back down is this a vacuum problem?

If a 1987 Corvette headlight cover will not go back down, it could be a vacuum problem. The mechanism could also be corroded by rust if it has been up for some time.

What does it mean when your front left tire shakes when begin to brake?

Could be rotor "out of round" and needs to be re-surfaced or replaced. Possibly caused by over-tightening and not torquing upon installation. Could be a "frozen" brake caliper. That needs to be replaced

Car makes a loud grinding sound when you brake?

"Could be many things, but from my experience, brake pads might be worn thru and are scraping metal to metal. If so brake pads need replacing. If brake pads are worn thru and not replaced, scoring damage could be accumulating on the brake disc." It could also be due to a warped or damaged router that would be the big metal disk. but if replacing your brake pads doesn't fix the problem replacing your router will more then likely take care of the noise.

What could be the problem if the low beams on a 97 Pontiac Sunfire will not work unless the car is warm?

It sounds like a bad headlight relay switch. It is located under the dash near the brace that holds the brake pedal.

How can you tell if you need new brake calipers?

If your calipers are leaking they need to be rebuilt or replaced. If the vehicle pulls to one side or the other when braking it could also indicate a problem with one of the calipers.

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