If your 54-inch above-ground pool was buried 2 to 3 feet in ground should you back fill with dirt or gravel?

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We have a 52"deep 24'round above ground pool that is sunk about 1'deep. The installer, a man with 30+ years experience with these pools, said to always use sand, or at least clean dirt. The sand is easiest on the side of the pool, causes less rubbing and scraping, and less chance of wearing through the side through natural movement with freezing, thawing, rain, etc. He also recommended using a layer of heavy-duty landscaping fabric against the pool side before backfilling with sand...just secure it in place with duct tape at the top edge and cover with sand. And never, never let gravel get near the backfilled area. Be sure you lay landscaping fabric around the pool before laying any other material (decorative gravel, mulch, etc). Good luck!
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What material can be used to back fill an above-ground pool to a depth greater than a foot?

Answer . \nI would think any material can be used as long as the pool wall is protected from scratching. A bigger issue is that you may be violating the building code by reducing the effective height of the pool wall. Most if not all municipalities require a 48" minimum height from the ground ( Full Answer )

How much water does it take to fill a 24' x 54' above-ground pool?

Answer . \n1 ft.3 (cubic) of water = 7.48 gallons \n. \nHow high is the pool?\n. \nIs it 24 foot wide, 54 foot long and how deep?. Answer . diameter x diameter x average depth x 5.9 = total gallons. Answer . \nAllowing for the overflow/filter access, fill to 48" deep and use 13,000 gall ( Full Answer )

How many gallons of water does it take to fill a 30' x 54 round above ground pool and what is the formula to figure it out?

Answer . Look, this is simple geometry...look it up...stop playing games, you need to know some of this stuff. I really must insist! Any Way.... \n. \nTotal Volume of a cylinder is Radius Squared, times PI, times Height of Cylinder.\n. \n180 inches(the radius) times itself(that's Squared) times ( Full Answer )

If you put an above ground pool in the ground what about rust maintenance and the pressure on the walls from the dirt?

Answer . Yes you can. Installation as follows: Steel mesh brace (galvanised), steel plates (galvanised), split hose for the top of the steel mesh. Pop rivet steel plates together. Cloth ducktape over pop rivits will give a smooth finish. My pool lasted 10 years, required a new liner and still th ( Full Answer )

Is there a way to fill an in-ground pool permanently?

Answer . \nConcrete would fill it permanently but would be rather expensive. Well compacted clay would be adequate in most cases. It would probably be better to break it up and remove it then replace with soil and grade.

Can dirt come in contact with above-ground pool walls as long as the pool level never drops below dirt level if there is only 6 to 8 inches of dirt around the bottom?

Answer . Dirt holds moisture or water, the walls of an above ground pool are thin, yes you can put dirt around the walls, however the trade off is going to be you will shorten the length of life of the pool walls because they will rust away, so you are the one that needs to decide what you want t ( Full Answer )

What is the cost of filling an above ground pool with water?

It depends on the pool size and where you live. I have an above ground 24 ft x 52 in pool and it cost about $260 for 2 5000 gallon tanks. I still had to add some but that gives an estimate. Depending on your area most city water systems charge between $2-3 per unit (748 gals.) A 10,000 gal. pool ( Full Answer )

How do you fill in low spots under an above ground pool?

Answer . \nThis is not the answer you're hoping for but it IS the answer.\nYou're going to have to remove the liner. Fill in the depressions/low spots with sand & a little of dry portland cement. Dampen the mixture so it will hold together and put it where the depression(s) are.\n. \nAfter yo ( Full Answer )

Should an above ground pool be covered in winter?

Answer . Depending on where you live, you may want to totally drain an above the ground pool, especially if your area is prone to freezing temperatures. When such pool is not being used, it is always a good idea to cover it to keep dirt and leaves out. . Answer . Yes, with continued use ( Full Answer )

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What should the alkalinity be for above ground pools?

Pretty much the same as any pool however there may be some slight variances for vinyl pools. Consult your pool store for an accurate answer in your area. This can be done by phone. k

How often should you replace a above ground pool filter?

The filter tank should last for years. However, the inside parts might last 3 to 8 yrs. depending upon whether the filter media is sand, DE ( the grids do degrade after about 8 yrs and will have to be replaced if torn or they have holes in them) or Cartridge elements.

How do you remove dirt from bottom of above ground pool?

Use a hand pool vacuum on it If you find that it is blocking the filter too quickly as you are doing this vacuum to waste rather then taking it through the filter. If you don't have a vacc to waste facility just let the vacc hose hang outside the pool and siphon onto the ground.

What should you use to permanently fill in an in ground swimming pool that has a hydrostatic valve?

You are probably better of destroying the valve to allow ground water to pass both ways If you fill in a pool you end up with an area of soil that cant drain so you may end up with a boggy area where the pool used to be by removing the valve and having a hole there you would at least get some draina ( Full Answer )

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Can you fill above ground pool with well water?

If there is a good water table in your area you should not have a problem. I would recommend running for an hour on then 2 or 3 hours off especially in dry weather. Of course if people in your house need to take a shower, run the dishwasher, or wash clothes you will need to consider this as well.

When should you open an in ground pool?

It depends where you live. For my family we ususally open our inground pool when summer first starts (maybe around the middle of June or anytime in July). It really depends on how hot the temeperature is where you live and and when the weather is hot enough. It is really up to you. This year though ( Full Answer )

What is the best way to cover an in ground pool with dirt?

I don't see why you want to do that but.... Turn it into mud? You cant really cover water with dirt. So you can either: 1. Get a big sheet and put dirt over it. 2. Drain the pool then fill it with dirt 3. Mix the water with dirt, turn it into mud, let it dry, then put dirt over it. 4. D ( Full Answer )

Above ground swimming pool installation does the post need to be buried?

I assume that you are shopping for a pool and are looking at an above ground. I have had three above ground pools. No nothing was wrong with them. We just keep moving. To answer the question: NO, the uprights are not buried. They are not even dug in to the ground. Make sure you pay a professional to ( Full Answer )

How do I combat dirt giving way under above ground pool vinyl liner and causing dips in liner 1-2 in depth?

Don't know your particular situation, but it is probably not dirt giving way. Simply, the sand smashing away from jumping in and hitting floor with heels and etc. I had a neighbor that had the same problem. When I got ready to install my pool, I was going to do everything I could to prevent it. I pl ( Full Answer )

How much gravel do you need to fill 100 square feet 3 inches deep?

1 square foot = 144 square inches, so 100 square ft = 14400 sq inches. Multiply be 3 = 43200 cubic inches. I believe gravel is normally sold by the cubic yard. 1 cubic yard = (36 in) 3 = 46656 cubic inches. So 43200/46656 = 0.926 cubic yards

Why should you disassemble an above ground pool during winter?

Not all above ground pools have to be disassembled during winter, although it is a good idea to drain them. Water expands when it freezes, and if the water is trapped in a closed container or in a crack, the expansion can break the container or the material surrounding it. Pipes often break, when wa ( Full Answer )

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What is the minimum a ground rod should be if wet 2-3 feet deep?

The wetness of the soil has no bearing on ground rods. Residential wiring requires two 8 foot long ground rods driven flush or just below the surface of the ground. One is mounted under the meter base and the other is mounted 6 feet to either side. The CEC (Canadian Electrical Code) requires tw ( Full Answer )

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