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When you say "it would not start", do you mean it will not crank(nothing happens when the key is turned)? or it will not start?( engine cranks but doesn't fire?) You need a new battery. I had the same problem with my 1989 Bonneville, It would start ou good but as soon as I pressed on the brakes, the car would turn off.

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โˆ™ 2005-04-28 20:18:52
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Q: If your 93 Bonneville started last night and it fired right up but as soon as you turned on the lights the car died and will not start now what could this be?
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What could cause the headlight and dash lights not to work after the battery has been changed?

it could be a fuse there are 2 fuse blocks in a Bonneville under the hood and under the back seat.

What could be wrong if the fog lights on a VW Beetle are not working?

Pull out on the light switch when you have turned it to the right to turn on the lights.

Name something that could easily be turned off?

-lights -tv -radio -oven -partner

Why is your lights staying on when your keys are out?

It could be two things your switch for the lights is still turned on or your lights are on a timer and shut off after a twenty second or so delay.

1998 Pontiac Bonneville and the interior lights stay on for a long time or don't go off at all even when the car is off what could theproblem be?

I had this problem in my 97. Turned out to be a door senser in the drivers door. Solution was to cut the wire. The only effect it had was the interior lights don't come on now when you touch the door knob however they still come on when you open the doors

What would cause the hazard lights to come on on their own after the car is turned off?

The light control module could be the cause of hazard lights coming on after the car is turned off. There could be a problem that has caused this module to become wet and it is now not working correctly.

Why want my lights come on in my car?

Could be the dash light switch is turned off.

On a 2005 Chevrolet Malibu the instrument lights are not working and the fuses are fine. What could be wrong?

Check the panel lights resistor switch and be sure that they are not turned off.

What could be problem when the dashboard lights of a 1989 Cadillac Coupe DeVille v8 is completely off I've been told that it could be a computer problem which could cost me

Check the fuse for the instrument lights. Also there is a rheostat that is used to dim the instrument lights. If it is turned too far the lights will go out.

Does 1992 Pontiac Bonneville have CD player?

no if you want one you must put it in yourself. be careful if you have an anti theft system. it has to be turned off or it could lock up the car

Why do your taillights stay on a 92 Toyota corolla after car is turned off?

Tailights or stoplights? Stop lights could be a defective stop light switch Tailights could be either parking lights are left on or a defective switch

Why does the inside dome lights stay on after the doors are closed on a 1999 grand prix?

you either have a bad door switch, any of them could be bad. or you have the lights physically turned on at the switch.

What causes dashlight to go out fuses good radio lights interior and exterior lights work on 1995 Bonneville se?

Check to make sure that parking and tailights work if not check the fuse. If they work could be a bad headlight switch or an open in the dimmer rheostat

Brake lights do not work when tail lights are on?

On a toyota tacoma 2003 SR5 when the tail lights are turned on the brake lights come on and when the tail lights are of the brake lights work just fine what could be the problem. If the truck has a trailer plug, inspect the plug and plug wiring for damage and corrosion.

Why do both head lights go out when the bright are turned on?

Could be bad bulbs (double filamented) or bad dimmer switch

Why is the lights flashing when turned off and a clicking noise on my 1996 Chrysler sebring Theft system?

Could be a faulty relay!

Did the 1995 Cadillac have running lights that could be turned off?

DRLs didn't become standard on Cadillacs until 1996.

Why would the dash console lights fail to come on when the headlights are turned on on a 1997 Ford Contour?

Check the fuses. There's usually a separate switch for the dash lights, which willmake them brighter or dimmer. It may be turned down too low. Check to make sure parking lights work as well, if they do not then could be the headlight switch as there was a recall on them.

Your 2002 trailblazer is missing and the lights look dim on the inside What could be making it miss?

have your battery and alternator checked but first check to see if switch for your dash lights are just turned to dim

What are some Doctor Who related Science Fair ideas?

you could make a generator that when turned either a. lights up the light at the end of the sonic screwdriver or b. lights up the TARDIS light.

When I Started car turn on lights car stalled wont start up now no lights horn fuel pump radio?

if that's the case then you battery might be dead take it down or get if you have a battery charger use that to get it going it usually takes about 18-24 hours to charge up a car battery. Type your answer here... If your car stalled when you turned on the lights, it could be that a fuse was blown.

Can you drive on the Bonneville salt flats?

Yes, you go to Bonneville salt flats get a car and step on the accelerator. You could also ride motorcycles on the Bonneville salt flats.

What does it mean when the signal lights stay on when the lights are turned on?

Could be a bad bulb- they are double filamented and filaments may be touching each other in one bulb - remove one at a time to check Could be a bad ground and circuit is backfeeding to find ground

Why wont my parking lights or my brake lights in my 95 Impreza go off even with the key out and the switches turned to off?

It could be a combination of two simple problems. First, check that your parking light switch on the top of your steering column is OFF, as this will keep the lights on even if the ignition switch is off. I believe this switch is necessary because your lights turn off automatically when you turn of the engine (ignition switch) Aslo, you must check your (combination tail light and brake light) rear bulbs as this could cause the break and tail lights to remain on when the car is started (ignition is on). GOOD LUCK !

Why does a 1993 Pontiac Bonneville keep dying?

There could be several reasons why a 1993 Pontiac Bonneville keeps dying. A couple of reasons could be a dirty air control valve or bad spark plugs.