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white smoke is typicaly a indication that your engine is burning coolant. could have a cracked head or bad head gasket. i would encourage you to take it to a full service auto shop and have it checked out. The other answer you have on this is most likely correct, also there is a recall on many of the lincolns about this vintagen where as the intake manifold is defective, as Ford used a plastic one instead of metal, there is a class action law suit which says ford will pay for a new one for your Lincoln, chamberlan v.s. ford or, either one will get you to the court case so as you can check it out, in most cases it means your intitled to about $600.00 if you repl aced it or it needs replacment

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Q: If your 94 Lincoln Town car has white smoke coming out of the tailpipes constantly even after an oil change could it be the engine valves or what?
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