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would check the crank sensoe 2 c if it is pulsating.

For an engine to run, you need air, fuel and a spark. 1)Check to see if you have spark at the end of one of the spark plug wires. 2)To check for fuel, turn the key to the ON position but do not start. The fuel pump will run about 2 secs and then shut off. You should hear a buzzing type sound coming from the back of the car.

I had a problem with my 97 grand am not starting. It would turn over but it was acting like it didn't get any gas. I had to leave the key on for 10 minutes to reset the anti theft system. I found that out after changing the fuel filter and part of the fuel line.

My Son's 2001 Grand Am had the same problem. Did the 'leave ignition switch turned on for 10 minutes' It worked. Changed the fuel filter, and tested the fuel pump that was ok. The Throttle Body Carb would not let any gas in till we did the 10 reset. Thanks

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Q: If your 97 Grand Am will turn over but will not start where do you start to check for problems?
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96 Jeep Grand Cherokee Cranks over but will not start?

check the crankshaft sensor

96 Grand Am turns over but won't start?

Check for spark at the plugs. Check to see if there is fuel pressure. If both of these are ok check ignition timing.

Why would a 2001 pontiac grand am turn over but not start?

Check the 2001 Grand Ams crank shaft position sensor first. If the sensor is bad then the engine will not get fire or start.

You have drove your vanura for almost a year now with no problems then suddenly you went to start it wont start it turns over but it wont start any help?

Check for sparkCheck for fuel

1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee will turn over but not start?

check your crankshaft sensor or the auto shutdown relay

Why won't my Grand Am start?

When you say it won't start, are you referring to the grand am won't turn over as in it's dead or are you asking what's wrong when it does turn over but won't start?

Why will a Suzuki Grand vitara turn over but not start?

I changed oil on my suzuki grand vitara and it would not start up

How do you know your 2005 suzuki forenza needs a new fuel pump?

Your car well not start it will turn over but not start. If it is just having problems starting it may be a bad check valve.

2003 Pontiac grand am turns over and wont start?

security lock out had same problem with our 2004 grand am

2002 F-150 wont start but will turn over so where do you start?

Check for fuelCheck for spark

Why 1999 Nissan Sentra does not always start?

A few quick things to check- If it does NOT "crank over": Check the battery and cables. Check the in-line fuses. If it does "crank over", but does not start: Check the distributer, spark plugs and wires. Check the air and fuel filters.

Why does your 1985 Mercury Grand Marquis turn over but will not start?


What do I check my car wont start?

if it does not turn over and no clicking noise but headlights on, check start fuse and relay if it doesnt turn over and clicks probable starter solenoid

Car well not start turns over but well not start?

yo man check the spark if that's not the check firing order that's where i would start

If you have replaced the alternator and fuses and checked the battery but your 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee won't start or even turn over what should you check next?

Check the neutral safety switch on the shifter. If you place the shifter into neutral or push the shifter harder into the park position, this may change the switch position to allow it to start. There is a recall on the grand Cherokees for this switch.AnswerIgnition switch or starter.

Your truck will turn over but will not start?

Check your fuel filter

Your 1995 Honda civic wont start it turns over but wont start what can it be?

check the distributor

What makes a 96 Plymouth breeze crank over but wont start?

Check for fuel Check for spark

If 96 subaru legacy wont start sometimes but will turn over?

Check for spark Check for fuel

98 dodge ran truck will turn over but wont start?

Check fuel Check spark

1994 cavalier turns over but will not start?

check if it is getting fire

Why wont my 96 jeep grand Cherokee start.?

Does it turn over? Does it have fuel, spark and compression?

1995 ford f250 turns over but wont start where do i start?

check for fuel, spark, compression

Why won't my truck start turns over and over but won't fire?

check for spark at the spark plugs... check for fuel getting pulled into the throttlebody

Battery charged but will not start?

More details are needed. I presume this is a vehicle. What sounds does it make, does it start to turn over? The problems could be damp or other earthing problems, fuel pump problems, starter motor, etc.