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If your BBT temperature is really high at the time you should get a period but your period is really late could you be pregnant?


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2015-07-15 19:01:40
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Pregnancy causes an increase in white blood cells in the blood like illness does. This is what causes a temperature increase. Therefore an increased body temperature may mean you are pregnant, I had an increased temperature and sweating during my pregnancy.


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the statment about "if you have your period then you are not pregnant" is tecnically true, but alot of women think they are having their period and it is really not a period. if any women really thinks they might be pregnant but still are having their period should take a pregnancy test and if still negative and you think you really are then please go see a doctor, because it cant hurt you to find out but it can hurt your baby not to. Hello. You will have a elevated temperature during your period and during evening time. This isn't a indication of pregnancy. Because you got your period, you definitely aren't pregnant. :-)

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if you know you're pregnant and you're having a bloody clotting period you should really go to your dr. exspecially if its really heavy it could be a miscarriage.

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people have actually become pregnant while on their period, so any time really, you should always use protection.

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everyone's temps will be different. your temp should rise after ovulation and continue to rise when your period is due. usually when your period starts, your temp will drop... it will do the reverse if you are pregnant.

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You ca try virtually anytime you want, as you can get pregnant: * before your period * during your period * after your period * PERIOD.

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