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Pregnancy causes an increase in white blood cells in the blood like illness does. This is what causes a temperature increase. Therefore an increased body temperature may mean you are pregnant, I had an increased temperature and sweating during my pregnancy.

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Q: If your BBT temperature is really high at the time you should get a period but your period is really late could you be pregnant?
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Can you get your period but tell that you are pregnant by remaining at high temperatures?

the statment about "if you have your period then you are not pregnant" is tecnically true, but alot of women think they are having their period and it is really not a period. if any women really thinks they might be pregnant but still are having their period should take a pregnancy test and if still negative and you think you really are then please go see a doctor, because it cant hurt you to find out but it can hurt your baby not to. Hello. You will have a elevated temperature during your period and during evening time. This isn't a indication of pregnancy. Because you got your period, you definitely aren't pregnant. :-)

Can you be pregnant and have a bloody clotting period?

if you know you're pregnant and you're having a bloody clotting period you should really go to your dr. exspecially if its really heavy it could be a miscarriage.

How soon after your period could you become pregnant?

people have actually become pregnant while on their period, so any time really, you should always use protection.

What is the common BBT temperature when pregnant?

everyone's temps will be different. your temp should rise after ovulation and continue to rise when your period is due. usually when your period starts, your temp will drop... it will do the reverse if you are pregnant.

When should you try and get pregnant?

You ca try virtually anytime you want, as you can get pregnant: * before your period * during your period * after your period * PERIOD.

What are the symptoms you should feel if your on your period and maybe you are also pregnant?

If you are having a regular period, you are not pregnant.

Can ovulating be a long process?

No Not really my doctor told me that if you are trying to get pregnant It is best 10 days before your period or 10 days after if you do both of these you should get pregnant.

If you haven't taken a pregnancy test but your period is seven weeks late could it be stress related or could you be pregnant?

It could be stress or you could really be pregnant but you should really think about taking the test.

What is a healthy body temperature for a pregnant women?

Your body temperature should be 98.6F or 37.0C, whether you are pregnant or not.

You feel very tired sick in your stomach and have a really bad headache you cant remember when your last period was could you be pregnant?

you may be pregnant .. you should consult your doctor !

You did ansafe sex before ma period and you alrady had ma period even tho its very light after ma period you have morning sickness is that means am pregnant?

it could but you should really check in with your doctor

What if i have pregnant signs but i start my period should i take the test?

If you get your period, you're not pregnant. You don't need to take a test

If you stop taking your birth control because you think you're pregnant should you get your period?

If you're pregnant, then you won't get your period

Can a girl get pregnant right after her period is finished?

Yes, a woman can get pregnant directly after her period. Unless you want to get pregnant you should always use birth control.

Can you still get your period while your pregnant?

Some women have bleeding while pregnant that they think is their period, but bleeding while pregnant is NOT normal and should be evaluated by an OBYN!

You usually have really heavy periods but this month you were 2 weeks late and am having a really light period can this mean you are pregnant even tho the test said negative?

i had the same thing last month,now im really feeling pregnant,maybe you should test a week later or wait till your next period

How should you know if im pregnant?

Miss period?

Could you be pregnant if you were due for your period on the 2nd and had very light spotting from the 3rd to the 7th but not really a period although you did have cramping?

this is not a sure sign that you could be pregnant it could just be an irregular period mayb eif you are under any stress or if youhave changed your diet. however this can sometimes happen when pregnant and if you think you could be pregnant then you should have a test or contact your doctor.

I'm 12 and haven't started my when should my first period begin?

If you have not had a period ever you can't be pregnant. If you have had sex and have a period you might be pregnant. Talk to your mom.

Can a girl get her period a day after she has been inseminated?

If she was pregnant it would be highly unlikely for her to get her period, however if she wasn't pregnant she should still get her period like normal.

If you think you are pregnant and then get your period should you be alarmed?

No, that just means you aren't pregnant idiot.

Can you still be pregnant and have a regular period?

No. If you are pregnant and bleeding you should contact your Dr immediately.

Does black blood clots instead of blood for your period mean your pregnant and if it smells really really bad?

Black blood clots do not relate to whether or not you are pregnant. You should see a doctor if the clots are bad. In general, if you are on your period/ losing blood, you are not pregnant. The smell and color mean you may have an infection It may also be an viral STI (as opposed to just bacterial).

Could you be pregnant with a normal cycle?

(I'm assuming you're referring to a period cycle). When one is pregnant they should not be having a period.

If you are trying to conceive is there a chance you are pregnant if your period was irregular last month and this month and your period is always normal?

It is possible, but probably not very likely. If you are in doubt, you should really take a HPT.