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the racket is most likely the valve train...fix the leak and fill and start...eny smoke? does the noise go away after a short time 5 min...?? gool duck :) also everyone should have a manual for their vehicle, and the local library should have a SHOP manual available in the reference section--make copies of the right info and read'll be a pro in no time ...good luck:)

2006-07-25 09:50:59
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Q: If your BMW runs for 2 minutes after the oil leaks out of it then stops running itself does this mean you need a new ENGINE cos its seized the engine still runs but makes a racket?
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The engine itself creates Vacuum once it is running.

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How do you time a GMC vortec 350?

If you have had the dist. out and have it back in now and the engine will start and run with no check engine light on then you are done, the computer will adjust the timing itself. If engine is running and the light is on , then you will have to get a engine scanner and scan the engine in the timing mode and adjust the dist. till scaner saids you are within the specs. then clear codes,tighten dist. your done.

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My wheel turns back and forth by itself when the engine is running on my 89 mustang after i removed the rack and pinion then put it back on?

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Ventilation. Make sure doors and windows are open in the garage as well as the windows of the car itself.

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Left side of the engine compartment, usually mounted to the engine itself. Specific location depends on the engine.

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Why 1990 Porsche 944 S2 radiator fan running after engine is turned off?

Beacuse its so hot, it will overheat if the radiator fan doesn't run after the engine is turned off. It usually will stop itself after 5 mins.

Not check engine light th enginelight itself comes on in 2005 dodge truck?

That is the check engine light. Looks like a picture of an engine.

Why would a 1996 Chevy Silverado with a 350 engine be running rich after you changed the plugs and wires?

Try disconnecting your battery for about a few minutes,to allow the computer to reboot itself,then try it is a non cost procedure,and it just might work.

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Can you get a engine diagram 2000 Pontiac Sunfire?

Are you looking for an exploded diagram of the engine itself, or are you looking for electrical schematics?

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Why does your power steering PULL to the Right when the car is on jack stands?

If the wheels turns to the right by itself with the engine running the steering gear or rack and pinion has failed.

Can a collision cause a cracked engine block?

Depending on the impact it is possible, but not likely to damage the engine by a crash.Most can go off a cliff and not hurt the engine block itself.

Where is the ecu located on a 2006 Volvo semi 780 series?

Left side of the engine compartment, usually mounted to the engine itself. Specific location depends on the engine.