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If your BMW was repoed and you are going to lose your home to foreclosure what are the odds of getting a car loan at this point?

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Your chances of getting a car loan are GREAT, at the bottom of the barrel. Buy-Here_Pay_Here lots will ALAWAYS finance you IF you have a big enough down payment. You are not in a good position to get loans now, better get creative.

2015-07-16 19:25:08
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Foreclosure - when is earliest point it can happen?

A foreclosure can happen according to the contract that you signed. It is usually only after 3 or 4 months of no payment that a bank or mortgage company will begin to think about foreclosure.

You filed chap 7 bankruptcy 6 years ago and have been making payments can you give back the home to the lien holder without going through foreclosure?

You can give back the home to the lien holder without going through foreclosure. You just need to make arrangements with the lender. It is not smart at this point to surrender your house after so many payments.

What is the impact of a foreclosure on your credit score?

Foreclosure and FICO The total impact of a foreclosure on ones credit report is estimated to be between 200-300 points. The foreclosure itself accounts for 125 -175 points and the late payments that led up to the foreclosure account for the remaining point deductions. Ironically, the higher your score was to start with the more points will generally be deducted. After several years (2-3) your credit score will have rebounded substantially as long as other payments are maintained. You can expect anywhere from a 50-100 points penalty remaining on the report at this point.

How do you buy foreclosure house?

I will answer the question in point form:- # Identify a foreclosure # Study the foreclosure # Get yourself prepared with financing # Contact an agent # Make an offer. It's important to research the historical prices. Also be sure to check on IRS liens and other liabilities. If a home is in foreclosure, it probably means the owner has other financial issues. Lets take this matter into our own hands. If you are facing foreclosure, let us know. if you want to be notified about foreclosures in your area, lets us know. The National Foreclosure Alert Project is a grass-roots organization dedicated to 'getting the market moving'. You can help:

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If you are thirty days late on a non-reaffirmed mortgage will they foreclose on your home?

30 days generally will not cause a foreclosure. If the debt continues to be 30 days in arrears over months are foreclosure will happen at some point.

Can you rent out that home while that home is in foreclosure?

Yes, you can. But you must tell your new tenant about the foreclosure so that he can make a good decision on whether to rent the home. The new tenant will receive instructions from the foreclosing entity when the process has reached that point.

If you made the payment but the bank says you didn't on the foreclosure statement but is the foreclosure valid?

No, it's probably not a valid foreclosure at this point. This is what the foreclosure hearing will be meant to establish. The fact that the bank is pushing the house into foreclosure does not mean that they will be allowed to sell the house at a public auction. Instead, they will have to sue the homeowners through the court system and obtain a judgment, based on nonpayment of the original mortgage. The judgment will be the impetus for selling the home at a public sheriff sale, and proceeds from the foreclosure auction will be used to pay off the judgment. However, if the mortgage has been paid as agreed, this evidence should be presented at the hearing to the court. The court may request more documentation from the lender to back up the charge of defaulting on the loan. If the loan has been paid as agreed, then there is no grounds for a foreclosure judgment to be issued.

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