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Yes they can. Many large department stores just put outstanding debts into the hands of a collection agency. They hound you and have nothing to do with the added interest! Did you know, that as long as you are being truthful, work hard, and really can't afford to pay much on your account and as long as you pay something on that account they can't take you to court? So, be honest and if all you can afford is $20 here and $50 there do it! Good luck Marcy A creditor does not have to accept any amount other than that which was agreed upon in the original contractual agreeement. In the majority of credit agreements there will be a stipulation that the creditor can at any time accelerate the rate of repayment or take "remand and cure" action as is deemed necessary. All applicable fees and interest will accrue until the debt is paid in full or satisfied under the terms of a reaffirmation agreement or court judgment.

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Q: If your Sears credit card has gone into collection can Sears continue to add interest or updates to this account?
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