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Being unaware of your situation, whether you are remarrried or a single divorcee, and not knowing the nature of your ex, this is a tough question. First you need to decide whether or not you want to open yourself up for further abuse. If not, you need to make it clear that you want no further contact. If you dare give this ex the benefit of the doubt, never, ever let this person talk with you without the presence of some friends at your side for your own personal protection. Just remember, once an abuser, always an abuser. Why take the risk?

I feel you should tell the abuser to stop right away.The fact that he abused you in the first place speaks a lot about him as a person, his values and also how much you mean to him. If you entertain his calls and hear him out.I am sure he will convince you of takin him back for they (abusers) are a very smart breed.And also you talking to him again will make him feel that his behaviour was not at all bad and you just over-re-acted and you are ready to give things another go.And definitely he will take you for granted.I am saying this out of personal experience and if you are a strong woman and wants peace,happiness and prosperity in your life and if you love and respect yourself then please do not encourage him.And yes, if you still have feelings for him then you can just say that you have forgiven him for his deeds and now you want to move on in life an dhe should refrain from contacting you further and just wish him good luck!

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Q: If your abusive ex wants to talk is it best to ignore their calls and emails or should you tell them directly to stop?
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