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If your abusive stepfather is in the hospital and needs a kidney and you're a perfect match should you give it to him and lose half your life when you're 17 even if he'll still abuse you afterwards?


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That's totally up to you. Personally, I am all about helping people out when I can. But if the person hurt me and I knew he would continue to hurt me if I did such a wonderful thing for them, I wouldn't. You do not owe him anything. And nobody can make you. The way I see it, he has reached the end of his road. But this is a very personal choice that you will have make. The best advise I can give though it seems kind of selfish is what will ultimately benefit you. Having an abusive stepfather around or getting on with your life without him. The above posters gave you excellent advice and it's your choice. To set the record straight you can live a long and healthy life with just one kidney, but, as you age if you ever had kidney problems it's always wonderful to have that extra kidney. Here's a little help from Canadian Health stand points: If you have kidney problems due to excessive drinking you may be lucky enough to get one kidney, but if you continue to drink then you are out of luck and the same applies to a heart transplant and you continue to smoke. If your abusive step-father drinks, is bone mean, then I would say save your kidney for yourself. The recipient has to earn these rights. Don't let anyone make you feel guilty for keeping your kidney. I would have a frank talk with the doctor or a priest or minister. Put your own mind to rest.