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Could be a number of things. Is your car attempting to turn over (whur-whur-whur sound) or do you not get any response at all when you turn the key. Things to check:

1. Battery partially drained(it takes alot more juice to start a car then to just power your accessories).

2. Ignition coil (provides electricity to your spark plug wires).

3. Distributor cap/rotor (sends this electricity to your spark plugs).

4. Fuel pump.

5. Electrical continuity, espcially grounds. Check to see if all your ground wires are fastened AND tightened.

Maybe the starter, had a problem with mine, got underneath and wiggled the connnection to the starter and would start, eventually I replaced the starter, no problems since.

You could also check the Neutral Safety Switch. This limits the vehicle to only start in Park or Neutral.

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What drains car battery more inside lights or headlights?

Headlights, since they require more power than the inside lights of a car.

Lawn Tractor will not crank Battery replaced?

Check headlights and dashboard lights first. If no/minimal power for the lights then replace battery.

What is use of alternators?

to run your lights and accessories and maintain your battery between starts.

Kia sportage no power to fuel pump gauges headlights brake lights and radio?

if you have no headlights the battery is dead or one of therminals is very corroded.

What does the headlight switch control on a 1996 dodge ram 2500?

Headlights, interior lights, parking lights,Headlights, interior lights, parking lights,

How many accessories are there for the Sony line of camcorders?

The Sony line of camcorders has a full line of accessories, including carry cases, camera lights, battery chargers, additional battery packs, and diffusers.

Why will the battery die if the headlights are left on?

The battery stores just so much electricity. The lights use this electricity. Sooner or later the supply is depleted.

Had trouble starting car put key in turned twice but nothing lights lit up?

Check the battery. Turn headlights on - they will come on with or without the key if it has power from the battery. If lights do not come on, the battery is dead (try jump-starting) or there is a bad connection (loose cable), or a short in the electrical system. If headlights come on, but dashboard lights do not light up - check the ignition (cylinder / switch)

What causes the dashboard light to dim after turning on the headlights?

Because the power for your headlights is pulled from your battery. When the dashboard lights dim after turning on the headlights the dashboard lights aren't getting as much power as they were with the headlights off. With the motor running or off? The headlights draw a lot of current, but should not visibly affect other systems. There could be a problem with a worn out battery, an alternator that isn't charging correctly, or you have a bad earth between the battery and the chassis. Check the large cable connection between the battery (usually negative these days) and the bodywork, or between the engine block and the bodywork.

Why does the dashboard lights deem down when the headlights go on in a 1999 ford expedition?

Check your battery voltage with a voltmeter. Also check your battery grounds / battery connections for acid corrosion.

How do you take the headlights out of a Lincoln Mark VIII?

Remove from under the hood, the side marker lights have to be removed before the headlights will come out. You also have to remove the battery and the air box.

What causes the battery light to come on when the headlights goes on?

Your alternator may not be putting out enough Amps to charge your battery and run your headlights as well. You can test this by measuring the voltage from the battery with a multimeter. With the car running the volts should be around 14 or more on a 12 volt battery. Try it with the lights on too.

What does it mean when you turn the key and nothing happens ford ranger?

Do any of your courtesy lights work , or your headlights ? If not , it sounds like a poor cable connection to your battery or a dead battery

Why car wont start if the headlights are on?

Battery is probably old or weak or too small for the vehicle, having the lights on would drain on the battery affecting its overall cranking amps

Your 1992 Mazda protege will not start battery starter alternator are good no interior lights or headlights?

It is likely that you have lost a master fuse or fusible link. The headlights are nearly always powered directly from the battery through a fusible link or large, under hood fuse.

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