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If your air conditioner goes out during a heat wave and you fix it does your landlord have to reimburse you?

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==Who's AC is it?== I think so, if it's not yours. If the AC unit was there when you moved in -- IOW, if the landlord provided it -- then you should send him the bill for the repair. Of course, he might have wanted an opportunity to use his own guy to do the repair and give you a hard time about it.

2006-09-10 00:09:31
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I'm guessing you're wondering if you should pay to fix it, or your Landlord should. Well, I'm guessing if you've rented the house he/she should fix it that's always how it goes down with my family. Well if this wasn't right you need to be a little more specific.Answer: If you are asking if it is your landlord's responsibility to provide you with a window air conditioner, the highly likely answer is no (unless there are extreme circumstances in which building problems make your apartment uninhabitable due to extreme heat, and then it's a maybe). If the window air conditioner came with the apartment, it belongs to your landlord and is their responsibility to replace, repair, or dispose.

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