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Depending on what type of proof it is that you have, yes it will hold up in court. Evidence is the first thing they look for without evidence there is nothing. His word doesnt matter neither does how high paid his lawyer is, if you have evidence strong enough to prove what you are saying, then your fine.

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Q: If your and your boyfriend's names are on the title of land that you own and you split up and he won't take his name off the deed but you can prove you paid all the money will it hold up in court?
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Can you prove that your sister was innocent who had 2 boyfriends?

It is not a crime to have 2 boyfriends.

Why would my boyfriends sister callme names?

It is maybe because she doesn't like you. But of course do not let that get in the way of you and your boyfriend. Try and prove yourself to be worthy of her approval.

Are facebook messages legally binding or be considered as a prove?

Yes they are. They can be used in a court process and they can prove anything. They are proofs of correspondence between the two subjects as they have both names on them.

Ifa individual owes you money can you put a lien on his car?

Just take him to small claims court, but be ready to prove he owes the money.

How do you get your money back from someone who owes you money and you cannot afford to take them to court?

Take them to small claims court. The cost is very cheap and you don't use a lawyer. Make sure you can prove your case.

How do you file a lien against an employer who owes you money?

Just take them to small claims court and be ready to prove your case.

Can you be taken to court for owing someone money?

Yes. But do they have anything on paper to prove that you owe the money? If not, then smile & walk away; if it's in writting, then OOPS... ya' gotta pay.

What legal steps do you need to take to control a sibling's finances?

You have to file in court for a guardianship or a conservatorship. You have to prove that they are mentally unfit to control their money.

Can you make your boyfriend repay you for money he borrowed from you to pay his ex girlfriend child support?

If you can prove you loaned to him you can take him to a small claims court.

Who has to prove order of protection?

civil court

Where do you find a probate court?

what paper or certifcate is given to prove it went to probate court

What do you do when people lie in court?

If you can prove that they are lying, you prove it on cross examination.Added: Then the person who was a proven liar couldbe charged with lying under oath and/or contempt of court.

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