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It's your parents or a judge who decide who you will stay with when you are a minor. Usually one parent have the bigger part of the custody.

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Did keshas parents get divoced?

Kesha never knew her father, for she was raised only by her mother

What is the percentage of couples that divorce in America?

a percentage of 57 parents are divoced in t he US!! YA HEAR?

When Neil Armstrong get divoced?

In 1994.

What age can i leave my adopted parents and go back to stay with my biological parents i live in NC?

when your 16 the book says i did it aswell

Is it illegal for a 16 year old to stay home alone?

No,i don't think so..... My parents say...As long as you are 12 or can stay at home.

Hawaii law age 16 can live with 22 year old person without parents consent?

No in Hawaii a 16 year old minor can not stay with a 22 adult without parents consent.

Amy lee divoced?

Amy lee was never married

If you live in London and your 16 do you need your parents permition to move out but stay in England?

Yes, you must have your parents' permission. Until you are an adult or married, they remain responsible for you.

What does younger honey bees do?

they stay with there parents.(mostly) they stay with there parents.(mostly)

Can a 16 year old move oout of their parents house without their parents consent in New York?

Yes, if they have a court order. Otherwise they have to stay until they are 18.

How long do chipmunks stay with their parents?

chipmunks stay with their parents for a week ,then they take off

Is Taylor swift married divoced or none?

she has never been married or divorced

How long do killer whales stay with there parents?

they stay with therir parents for 3 to 4 years

How long do dingoes stay with it's parents?

i think dingoes have to stay with there parents for about 20 years.

You are 16 and might be pregnant can you leave your home with out parent consent considering you are a mother?

girl i am 9 no stay with your parents it is SAFER KMG

Can your pregnant 16 year old daughter stay with her boyfriend and his family legally?

Only with parental consent. Her parents still have to support her.

Can a 16 year old spend the night by himself at his own house?

Depends on the parents. If he is untrusworthy, then no. If the parents trust him, then yes. Legally once you turn 12 you can stay at home by yourself.

Are black mamba parents stay or leave them?

Balack mamba parents stay with them for 2 years and Then leave them.

Can girlfriend boyfriend stay together if girl is 16 and half?

Of course! If they stay together and mean it, to learn from each other to grow and not separate when university comes up, it is definitely possible. My best friend's parents met when his dad was 17 and his mom 16. ;)

If your parents are obese will you become obese?

If you watch what you eat, and stay healthy - despite your parents -- you can stay away from obesity.

How long do ostrich chicks stay with their parents?

Ostrich chicks stay with their parents for 10 months and then they go out on their own.

If im 16 and your boyfriend is 22 is that illegal?

not to be in a relationship, no, but if it goes deeper- i.e sex, it is unless the 16 year old had their parents consent, and that will stay the same until she is aged 18 Matt

What is the legal age for children staying home alone while parents go out of state?

16 years of age or if your old enough to stay by yoursself

Parents should not tell their children what to do after they are 16?

No parents should stop telling there children waht to do after there 16 because the adults after 16. yes parents should stop telling there children waht to do after there 16 because the adults after 16.

How long do baby bats stay with their parents?

they stay for 5 years