If your are very happy in a relationship is it acceptable to speak often about your partner to your friends and family?

No! Running around, telling their woes to everyone will just make it more difficult to ever work out your problems at home. If you have a serious problem and feel a need to discuss it, find one person with whom you can discuss options and feelings. If it's a marriage counselor or mental health worker you can feel confident that your story won't be discussed behind your back. There will be a high degree of confidentiality and you are guaranteed of getting good advice. If you can't or won't see a professional, a friend can also be a valuable resource in a situation like that but you must be able to trust the friend, and the friend must have the ability to keep a cofidence. Talking over your problems with all of your acquaintences may seem like a good idea at the time, but later, if you ever resolve the problems at home, you will create more problems when your spouse is constantly reminded of the fact that you discussed personal issues with everyone you know. The same is true for a happy relationship. It's ok to talk about some of the things you do together, how you feel and anything that would not be considered a violation of trust. Your spouse must never feel that intimate details of the relationship have been shared with others. Remember that a relationship is all about trust. If you can't trust your spouse with the intimate details of your relationship you probably can't trust your spouse with other stuff either. Your friends and family also have things they want to speak about whether good or bad. If they start to think that the only thing you want to discuss with them is you and yours then they will turn you out. If you have genuine feelings for those around you, you will not want to boast.