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If your automatic 1993 Honda Accord is stuck in drive and cannot be put into park and you've been told it is probably a cable how can you fix this yourself?

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September 12, 2011 10:09PM

Yes... It most likely isn't the cable! usually if you live were

there is salt on the roads it is just the cable pin were it

connects to the transmission.You need to do it from under the car.

you need to find the cable that goes to the transmission and remove

the cover were it connects, them take the cable off and lubricate

it with brake caliper grease or never sieze. Good


It could also be your release cable. I had that happen to me. I

guess the release button got pressed by accident and I kept hitting

the shifter and when it finally came out of drive all it did was

drive. i couldn't get it to reverse or even in neutral. It could be

that as well.Good luck.....hondagrl

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