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Both my children were earlier than 40 weeks. Thirty-seven and thirty-five weeks respectively. They were both healthy. The youngest had oxygen for about 2 hours, then did well. I worked in a newborn nursery for 18 years, and infants 37 weeks are considered term. Infants of mothers who experience episodes of preterm labor are more mature due to being stressed in utero. I would say yes, in the absence of underlying conditions, a 36 or 37 week infant will be okay.

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Can your baby be born at 37 weeks?

Yes. Babies born after 36 weeks gestation are considered full term and are usually just fine.

Can a baby survive at 37 weeks?

Absolutely! If a baby is born at just 38 weeks, its considered full term. A baby born at 37 weeks should be just fine! From about 26 weeks can a baby survive. I have already seen a baby who was born at 25 weeks and who has survived.

Is a baby is born premature is it?

If a baby is born at or before 37 weeks it is considered to be premature

What is fullterm for twin pregnancy?

37 weeks. but the average is 32-36 weeks when they are born.

How long are you pregnant with a baby?

36-37 weeks it can be shorter or longer depending on the health of the mother... usually it is around 9 months (36 weeks)

What is considered a preterm baby?

A baby born before 37 weeks gestation

What is a premature baby?

A baby is considered premature when they are born before 37 weeks gestation.

If you are having a c-section can you request to have the baby at 36 weeks?

You can have it at 37 weeks, as they consider you full term at that point in time.

Why do people say it takes ten months for a baby to be born?

It can take anywhere between 9 to 10 months. 9 months is equal to 36 weeks and 10 months is 40 weeks. A full-term baby is born anywhere from 37-40 weeks. A baby born before that is considered pre-term, or premature, and after that post-term.

What does a baby look like at 37 weeks?

exactly like a baby. you are due in a week at 37 weeks.

How many weeks do you have to wait for your baby to be born?

About 37 weeks ... Human gestation period is about 9 months.

Is 37 weeks full 9 months can you have the baby from 37 weeks?

Yes, @ 37 weeks you are considered full term.

You are past 37 weeks when will you have your baby?

40 weeks

Under what circumstances is the baby considered premature?

if the babie was born before 37 weeks

Is the baby survive if she was born 3 weeks early than the due date?

Yes 37 weeks is considered full term

How many weeks is a baby considered premature?

37 weeks and earlier.

What if your mother went threw every pregnancy up 36 weeks is it possible you can up 36 weeks to?

36 weeks is considered premature. 37-42 weeks is generally accepted as a healthy term.

Your doctor want to induce you at 37 week because she is only 5 lbs at 36 weeks is this common?

This is not a common thing if you baby is only 5 pounds. The doctor has reasons for doing this, most likely because he feels it is safer for the baby to be born.

My baby was pushing down for about six weeks and I'm 37 weeks pregnant is this normal?

Talk to your doctor. Normal term pregnancy is 37-42 weeks.

How early can a fetus be born?

37 weeks is considered a "full term" pregnancy. Before this time, the baby would be considered premature and could have health problems. Normal pregnancies last anywhere from 37-42 weeks.

What is the earliest week a baby can be born without complications?

There's nothing set in stone. Normally after 37 weeks a baby is concidered full term but could still have some unexpected complications. Before 37 weeks doctors are generally prepared for a baby who is likely to have complications but often even a 35 week baby will be delivered without complications.

How many weeks old is a newborn baby?

A newborn baby is 40 weeks old. The gestation period in humans normally ranges between 37 and 42 weeks.

How long is baby in uterus before birth?

37-40 weeks

What age are you if born in 1974?

36 or 37

What is the medical term for preemie?

The medical term for preemie is a premature baby. A premature baby is born before 37 weeks gestation. A baby delivered after the 38th week is considered full term.