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There are programs in force that wll direct your refund to be applied to your back child suppport..hard to tell if your on the list of one. Of course, it's what you would want done with that money anyway isn't it...

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Q: If your backed up on child support does the money you claim for your child on taxes go to back child support?
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Can you claim a dependent that don't receive child support money and will that affect dependent from not receiving child support money?

Claiming a dependent is not dependent on the child support issue but rather on the amount of time the child spends with each parent.

If you owe back child support and you claim your new child well you get the money back for that child or do they get that money to?

Question isn't clear, but the State will take your entire tax refund, except for the part attributable to your spouse.

Does back child support stop if the person is paying with social security money dies?

In a case such as this, I suggest that the obligee file an estate claim for the unpaid support.

Do you have to pay child support for a 16 year old who does not go to school and who works?

It would depend on state laws. In most states, if the person getting the child support check no longer suports the child he/she would loss the right to claim money.

How does your child continue getting the arrears from the owed child support after he turns eighteen?

It all depends on WHO the arrears are being paid to. If the father was paying support directly to the mother, the back support/arrears would go to the mother. The support was never owed to the child, who has no standing in it. The payments are supposed to assist the mother by helping her to raise the child until the legal age of adulthood or whatever age was specified in the support decree. The support money belongs to her and if she chooses to turn it over to the child that his her business. Legally, the child has no claim on it. ON THE OTHER HAND: If the arrears are being paid to the state - the father is simply reimbursing the state for spending taxpayers money to support her for all the time he did not pay, and neither the mother nor the child has any claim on it.

What if your wife's mother past away and her father owes a lot of money in child support can your wife get this money?

The back child support is still a debt. The estate should make a claim against the father. The money is still owed to the mother. Whether your wife receives any of it will depend on the estate and what bills are owed.

Can unemployment take money owed to them from child support payments?

No. Child support is dedicated to the support of a child.

Why would someone not claim child support money the baby's mother has 2000 sitting in Jeff City MO and has not claimed any of it?

Unfortunately for the baby, some people do not understand that child support and visitation are two distinct and separate things. Neither one has anything to do with the other one. Some women believe that if they do not accept the child support money mandated by the court for raising their child, the man cannot claim visitation rights to his son or daughter.

Should the child support money be given to the child?

No, it should be used to support the child.

Can you claim your son who you pay child support for?

if the other parent ant you have an agreement , or a court order states you claim on odd, or even year returns. mine says the latter, but i don't claim , because that money could be used in my daughters house

Can the parent without physical custody claim the child on their tax return because he pays child support?

That issue is affected by state laws and court orders and separation agreements. You need to find the answer before claiming the child. In some states the working custodial parent has the right to claim the child as a dependent regardless if the non-custodial parent pays child support in recognition that the parent with custody generally spends more time and money on caring for the child.

Can wages be garnished if child support not filed?

No - there must be an order for support entered by a court or the State's child support agency, but if a retroactive order is issued, your wages will be garnished. There has been a problem with employers receiving phony claims for child support garnishment in recent months. By the time the man confirms there is no claim and notifies employer, the money is already gone. If you have a child, you need to establish an order. see links

Do you get more tax money if you claim a child?

If you have more refund or credits available to you, and a "qualifying" child to claim...yes, of course.

If a spouse pays child support on a Tuesday when will the child receive the money?

The child does not receive the money, the adult responsible for the child gets the money.

Can child support take money?

If you owe child support, they can take almost any money you have. Including pensions.

Who gets the child support money if you are on public assistance in the state of Ohio?

When getting assistance, you sign away the right to claim. They will than collect, including retroactive funds.

If the child has two part time jobs do I still have to pay child support?

If you are supposed to pay child support, the fact that the child is earning money from two jobs, has nothing to do with child support. Child support is paid to the person looking after the child to help support your child!

Do you have to report a big sum of money to child support if you get child support in th state of Tennessee?

i got a large sum of money from my ex husband 401 k when we got divorced do i have to report it to child support

In Arkansas does the back child support go away if the mother dies?

No. The money isn't for the mother. The money is for supporting the child. Back child support belongs to the estate of the deceased and will eventually benefit the child. And even if the child should die, the back child support does not go away.

How do you fill out a money order for child support in Louisiana Should I put child support on the money order?

You could pay by money order. However, you need to be sure of who the check should be written to--check with the court which ordered the child support.And, yes, you should write "child support" on the memo line of the check or money order.

Do you have to pay child support if you still living with your wife and kids. Separated for a month then got back together claim was put in while separated been back with her for a year still paying?

Wife can go down to Child Support Office and cancel request. However, does it matter? The money is going back into your household for your child.

Can child support take money from your back acct to pay back child support?


Does the money from a child's insurance claim have to go into a trust until they are 18 years old?

In most states, yes. Because it was the child's claim the settlement proceeds belong to the child and the money is put into a trust account until the child is 18. If the parents feel they are entitled to some of the money - they are the ones caring for the child, driving him/her to doctors, missing work, etc. - they should talk to the attorney about making some sort of claim.

Will child support take your enlistment bonus?

Child support has first take with any moneys that you get. If you are behind in child support, they will take their percentage out of any money you get.

If you send your child to the father for a year should you be required to send him the child support money back?

Yes, its child support. If the money is not used to support the child then its being misused. Alimony would be to support you. If the father is looking after the child, then he should not be paying child support to the mother - she doesn't have the cost of looking after the child at that time. In fact, the mother may well be in a position to send chilod support to the father - it goes both ways and she is responsible for the child just as much as the father is.