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First, ALL blood vessels just under the skin look blue. Blood vessel color, or whether flatter or puffier, is NOT a pregnancy symptom. You might be confusing facts with a later pregnancy sign, when blood vessels in the breasts engorge (e.g. the vessels look bigger).

Blood vessel color, size, or appearance anywhere that vessels are seen through the skin also has nothing to do with menstruation.

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The wrists and ankles are joints?

The wrists and ankles are _______ joints

Which direction do emo people cut their wrists?

across their wrists

How many syllables does wrists have?

wrists only has 1 syllable

When was Music to Slit Wrists By created?

Music to Slit Wrists By was created in 2004.

Why do MLB players tape there wrists?

The main reason of why Major League Baseball players tape their wrists is so that they can protect it from any sudden injuries by twisting their wrists and some players may do it because of the fact that they have a wrist injury or their wrists are hurting so they tape them in order to prevent their wrists from making too much movement.

Were Jesus' palms or wrists nailed to the cross?

It was most likely, His Wrists that were Nailed.

Did kim mathers slash her wrists?

kim mathers slashed her wrists after she found out eminem was cheating on her

Does one have to cover ones hands to the wrists while wearing hijab?

No, you don't have to cover hands to wrists while wearing the Hijab. Face and hands to wrists remain uncovered.

What puberty pains can girls get?

cramps from your period, pains in your elbows, wrists, knees, and ankles from growing. if you want to know the whole story watch "Teen Dreams"

What is are scary elf cuffs worth on animal jam?

2 long wrists

Why does Demi Lovato have marks on her wrists?

She slit her wrists because she has had some suicidal thoughts and is under a lot of pressure.

How can you bulk up your wrists?

Your wrist size is determined by your genetic bone structure, and you can't bulk up your wrists because your wrists don't have the muscle mass of other body parts such as your forearms and biceps.

What type of food do you eat to get wider wrists?

There is no food that generally makes your wrists bigger. Having skinny wrists is part of being an ectomorph. If you want to fill out you have to do some weight training, along with good eating of course.

Are the wrists distal to the elbow?


Where are puppets used?

on your hands and wrists.

Does Avril lavigne slit her wrists?

No, she does not.

Why people silt their wrists?

the people that slit their wrists are called emo's (emotionally unstable). most of them enjoy pain so that's why they do it.

Who has the world's largest wrists?

Hallo, i dont know but i have large wrists, a little over 13 inch around. I am a big female

How do you prevent sore wrists while using the computer?

If you are using a desktop computer there are keyboards that have padding at the base to eliminate sore wrists.

Why do wresters tape their wrists?

Causes less injury to them. If they snap their wrists, then tape will help break the fall a little bit more.

Does cracking your wrists lead to any problems?

Yes, it can give you arthritis in the long run and it can lead to having sore wrists if you do it alot.

Why are your wrists so thin?

Usually, thw wrists are fairly thin and do not take on fat deposits as easily as other areas of the body (thighs, stomach, ect.) will. People who are thin will also tend to have naturally very bony wrists.

Does judo have wrist throw technique?

If you mean a throw from a wrist lock, the answer is no. The wrists are important for control and balance disruption, but there are NO techniques that leverage the wrists.

What will happen if you stop your baseball swing in the middle?

If you stop your baseball swing in the middle and the ball is not in the strike zone, an umpire will look at your wrists. If your wrists are "broken" it is a strike. That means the position of your wrists determine if you took a swing or not. If they are still in the same position as they normally are before you take a swing, you did not swing. If your wrists are in the position they would be in after you took a swing, you took a swing.

Do emos always cut their wrists?


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