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The piercer should have shined a light behind the ear to view veins in the ear. Piercing through a vein increases likelihood of infection and can be incredibly painful. Also, it's much less likely to heal correctly. I doubt that is safe. Anything punched thru your veins can't be good. I would suggest letting the hole close then getting it redone by someone who knows what they are doing. Well As The First Person Is Right..It All Depends On How Much It Bleeds If It Bleeds Alot (atlease a big dot of blood on your tissue) Then You Should Take It Out But If It Bleeds Only A Little Its Safe To Keep It In.

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Q: If your body piercer accidentally pierced through a vein during a cartilage piercing and it bleeds every once in awhile is this safe?
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When you num your cartilidge does it still hurt when you get it pierced?

The piercer won't numb your cartilage before piercing it.

Can you get paralyzed by piercing your cartilage?

Well if you pierced your cartilage who know what horrible stuff could happen, now if a professional body piercer pierced your cartilage then you would have much less to worry about because you are being handled by an experienced professional.

Is It Dangerous To Get What if your Cartilage Pierced?

If you want to get your cartilage pierced the only place to get that piercing done is a professional body piercing studio, Ear cartilage piercing is not to be done with piercing guns (this is under the instructions of the actual piercing gun manufactures). Piercing gun studs are not designed to be used in ear cartilage. So open the phone book and look under "body piercing" or "tattoo studios*" (* they sometimes do both), give them a call and go see a professional body piercer.

Does your belly button usually bleed after getting it pierced?

A professionally provided body piercing should not bleed except for ear cartilage piercing ( bleeding is almost always expected with ear cartilage due to the method used to piercer that tissue). But no your navel should not bleed after it has been pierced, if it is bleeding then you have either tugged the piercing causing a tear in it or the piercer has made a mistake in providing the service.

Does it hurt to get your cartilage pierced with a needle?

No it doesn't hurt, it's more a warm sensation depending on what type of cartilage piercing you are going for. Be sure to find an experienced professional body piercer for all your piercing needs and you won't have a bad experience.

Do you have to have a stud pierce on your cartilage on the ear when you first get it?

Cartilage piercing should be left for a professional body piercer to do not some clown with a piercing gun. You can have a barbell or a ring put into the piercing right from the start when done by a body piercer.

Why is there dead skin around your newly pierced cartilage?

Is it dead skin or dried discharge, if you have questions about how your piercing is healing you should go back and see your piercer for assistance.

After several months of having the upper ear cartilage pierced it still hurts. Is there supposed to be a small dent where the stud has been?

Pain and discomfort are part and parcel of getting the cartilage pierced with a piercing gun. The piercing gun user knows that they are not allowed to pierce ear cartilage with a piercing gun. Properly done cartilage piercing done by a professional body piercer would have been healed by now. The swelling is due to the stud backing being too close to the skin and not allowing the piercing to drain or breath properly.

My pierced cartilage is infected should i take it out?

Have your piercer look at it and they will suggest a course of action for you.

Does the septum get pierced through the cartilage?

No it doesn't get pierced through the cartilage. I actually had a woman come in with a septum piercing that was done by a so called "body mods artist", the piercing was done through the cartilage and was causing all sorts of issues for the lady. Piercing the cartilage is actually dangerous in that area and more subject to possible infection. The actual piercing is between the exteriour meatus and the physical cartilage, the web between these structures is only the thickness of a dime, this is the area the piercing should be placed. Any other location and the piercing is done incorrectly. Do your research and be sure your piercing is done by an actual "professional body piercer" working in a licensed and inspected facility (not a kitchen on a Saturday night).

How long does it hurt to get the top of your ears pierced?

Well if it's done by a professional body piercer, the discomfort will be very short lived maybe a bit tender off and on for a few hours. Done with a piercing gun the discomfort can be several days long, because the piercing gun is not meant to be used to piercer ear cartilage, nor is the stud designed for be used in cartilage piercings.

Is cartilage piercing safe?

Cartilage piercing is safe when done by a professional body piercer in a controlled environment using aseptic techniques and materials. Piercing guns are not safe and 9/10 cartilage piercings done with a piercing gun lead to secondary complications.

What risks are there of cartilage piercing?

When using a piercing gun (such as those they use at Claires) the collapse of your ear cartilage is a possibility. Also, with any piercing, there is the chance of infection if not cleaned properly as instructed by your piercer.

Can you get your ear cartilage pierced at Claire's?

While Claire's does perform helix (upper ear cartilage fold) piercings, they use a piercing gun. Guns basically shove a dull stud through your ear and are not suitable for cartilage piercings, or any piercing for that matter. I suggest you see a professional piercer who will use a needle. It's better for your ear.

What is the law of getting your cartilage pierced in Suffolk County NY?

If you get it pierced, you have to have either a sold color or clear ring in. edit: who ever just said that... i have never heard of that before and i am a suffolk county piercer... i have never seen a "clear ring" lol... if this person means to use acrylic... then they obv dont know about the hazards of acrylic jewelry.... the laws about getting a cartilage piercing... is that the cartilage cant be pierced with a gun.. the gun shatters the cartilage and it can never repair its self... and of course... if youre under 18... you must have the tattoo and piercing shop paperwork notarized and your parent present (same parent for the notarization must be present for the piercing)...

Can you get an industrial if you already have a cartilage piercing?

A visit to your local professional body piercer will answer that question, the ear cartilage needs to have a rim from which the industrial will be supported, the only way to know is go talk to your piercer.

How soon can you change a cartilage piercing?

4-8 weeks depending on the person. Your piercer could change it one to two weeks after the piercing for you.

Is bleeding during cartilage piercing normal?

A little bleeding is to be expected with cartilage piercings, the incision in the cartilage needs to be larger than the jewellery gauge going into the piercing, this is to allow the skin to heal between the jewellery and the cartilage. Excessive bleeding is an indication your piercer didn't candle the cartilage before doing the piercing to see where the veins are located on both sides of the cartilage.

What size is a tongue ring when pierced?

The size of the barbell depends solely on the size of the tongue being pierced and the selection is generally done by the professional body piercer at the time of the piercing. Be smart see a professional body piercer.

If you have your helix pierced can you still get an industrial piercing?

Yes you can. You need to talk to your piercer while they look at what you have and lay out what you want.

What is more popular to get your lip pierced on?

Placement is a discussion you should have with your piercer when you go into have the piercing done, he/she will help you find the best location for your piercing that will suit your look.

How long does the bump on the back of a cartilage piercing last?

It varies from person to person. If you are concerned about it then contact your piercer for advice.

What is the percentage of side effects for a cartilage piercing?

90% of professionally pierced ear cartilage piercings work out without any issues, these are piercings done by a professional body piercer using aseptic techniques. 70% of ear cartilage piercings done with a piercing gun in a mall or hair salon result in bumps, lumps and healing issues, these are piercings performed by untrained and unlicensed individuals using piercing guns on areas they are not permitted to pierce but they do it any way.

Does getting your third level of your ears pierced hurt?

No more than the others but it need to be done by a professional body piercer because you are now into the cartilage portion of the ear and piercing guns are not intended nor designed to be used on that portion of the ear.

What does a good piercing look like?

Like mine depends on where on ur body u get pierced and how ur piercer does.

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