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If your boyfriend always accuse you of cheating and your not could that possible mean he is the one doing the cheating?


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July 24, 2009 9:05PM

Yes, it's highly possible they may feel some guilt and feel because they are cheating you are cheating too or they could simply be overly jealous with an over active imagination. It's best to confront him and get to the bottom of this. My first husband use to accuse me of cheating (I was not) and it's because he cheated on me several times. Of course I kicked him out and served him with divorce papers. He did tell me that his mother use to cheat so often his father simply vanished one day and my husband and his two other brothers never forgave their mother for that. Sometimes when this happens some men/women can feel they might as well start cheating before the person they are with breaks their heart. What is sad about this is that generally their mate has no such thoughts of cheating.

Maybe! It is possible. Maybe you should sit down and talk to him, and remind him how much you care for him. Remind him he is the one you love. If he coughs out the fact that he is cheating on you, maybe you should break up. He could possibly be cheating on you, and accusing you out of pure guilt. But, good luck to you guys- - - Cement2