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It would be very unlikely, sperm is left at the cervix during orgasm - but it only takes one good swimmer.

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Q: If your boyfriend barely puts just the tip of his penis into your vagina with very little pre-ejaculate is it likely that you are pregnant?
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Will you get pregnant if your boyfriend put his penis in you for a second and did not ejacualte and it was one week after your period?

most likely, no, you probably didn't ovulate until 2 weeks after your period. Plus he would atleast need to preejaculate anyway.

If your boyfriend uses protection and you are on your period is it likely you will get pregnant?

Not very likely at all. You used protection

What are the odds of getting pregnant if you are on your period and your boyfriend pulls out?

your not likely to get pregnant then. but you should still be using protection.

Can you be pregnant if your boyfriend has low sperm count and your on implanon?

It's not likely that you're pregnant if you're on the contraceptive implant.

Can you be pregnant if the penis barely went in and he did not come and you are on birth control but missed the pill the day before and the day after can you still be pregnant?

it is less likely but sure.

Can you get pregnant if your boyfriend comes outside your vagina but your a virigin?

Yes. It is not as likely as if he penetrated but it is still possible.

I took a pregnancy test and you could barely see the positive line what does that mean?

More than likely its positive.If you can see a line period then you pregnant. More than likely its positive.If you can see a line period then you pregnant.

Could you be pregnant if your boyfriend ejaculated inside you 3 days before you got your period it was heavy but short?

Probably not. If you had your period, then you are most likely not pregnant.

What are the chances of being pregnant if your boyfriend ejaculated in you 8 times in the last month but you still haven't gotten your period?

Chances of being pregnantI would say you are most likely pregnant.

Can a girl get pregnant if sperm barely touches th vagina?

Yes, because if you have to ask, which you obviously do, it is probably either true or very likely.

At first you were having spotting then discharge then your boyfriend ejaculated inside you now you have nothing are you pregnant?

most likely - congrats!

If your a pregnant minor in West Virginia can you live with your boyfriend?

well. if he is the one that got u pregnet then he would most likely be in jail.

Your boyfriend cam in you a little bit and 6 days later you're having symptoms are you pregnant?

All it takes is one sperm to fertilize the egg. The chances are likely of being pregnant.

Was Aaliyah pregant?

Aaliyah most likely wasn't pregnant during the time, she barely had enough time to have a finance at that. Also the last film was called "Queen Of The Damned" .

How likely are you to be pregnant if the condom ripped at the tip but your boyfriend took it off as soon as it ripped but it ripped inside then he took it off?

Well, this is not good, but the greater chance is that you are not pregnant. Have you considered the morning after pill?

How likely is it to be pregnant if you take birth control and your boyfriend used a condom?

It depends because the condom could break and the pills could be fake.

How likely are you to get pregnant if your boyfriend ejaculated inside you within 1 minute of inserting the penis into the vagina?

The length of time the penis was inside the girl is irrelevant. If ejaculation occurred around ovulation she could get pregnant.

What will happen to boyfriend if pregnant and 16 and his 18 with parent consent?

Not likely anything but it really depends on the state you live in. Each state has different laws.

If you are pregnant and your boyfriend smokes weed are you more likely to have a girl?

No a flipper baby so tell him to cut it out you don't want a flipper baby now do you?

How likely is a girl to get pregnant if she's on birth control and her boyfriend pulls out?

As long as the birth control is taken correctly the odds should be very low.

How likely pregnant?

very likely!

How likely are you to get pregnant on your period?

not likely

Your pitbulls is 62 days pregnant shes barely eating now and restless how long before labor starts?

Most likely something is wrong with your dog. take it to the vet immediately

Your boyfriend ejaculated in you twice during your period What is your chances of being pregnant?

Congrats, you're preggo.Not very likely, but possible. You are least fertile during menstruation.

Can a girl get pregnant if her boyfriend put his penis in her vagina for only a second and it was not the whole way in?

no more then likely not.. unless he came inside of you but it seems like that was not the case..or was it..