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== == * If you are very young (15 or younger) then yes, it's possible that he is shy and his friends are teasing him so he's splitup with you. If you both are 16 or older then this is either a very immature thing to do or he's listening too much to his friends and perhaps they've suggest you don't go together. There could be all kinds of reasons and second guessing a situation like this can only get you into trouble. The best thing to do is "go to the horse's mouth" which is your ex boyfriend and ask him why he split-up with you. You have a right to know! == == * That seems like a good reason for him. Us women will never understand guys and guys will never understand women. If the relationship wasn't bad when you two decided to go out, then he's just the kind of guy that doesn't want his friends to know. You need to tell him your feelings because you might lose him as a friend as well if you don't confront him. He is just immature and you should go out with someone else for a bit to make him jealous.

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Q: If your boyfriend dumped you when his friends found out you were going together did he dump you because he was just shy and didn't want his friends to know about you?
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